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Week of June 20 to 27

The “Emmanuelle” phenomenon

“In people's minds, it was a very daring film. And when you see it now, how cute is it. It's Bisounours, frankly, ”says costume designer Sylvia Charvillat in

Emmanuelle, the longest caress in French cinema

, to see on If


, the feature film by Just Jaeckin has somewhat lost its sulphurous aura in 2021, this documentary reminds those who would have forgotten or had not yet been born at the time that this erotic film upset French society . Released in 1974, in a period of sexual liberation and the rise of feminist movements, it decorated France which had just buried Pompidou and elected Valery Giscard d'Estaing. Twelve years on display on the Champs-Elysées,


was an international phenomenon: it recorded more than 350 million admissions worldwide.

He also revealed the actress Sylvia Kristel who, as the documentary recalls, unfortunately did not manage to extricate herself from this role which has swallowed up her career.

"Décalés", a podcast to free speech on understanding disability

“How to live, develop and flourish despite adversity?

This questioning is at the heart of the



self-produced by Léa Hirschfeld.

A few months ago, the latter testified to how she recently changed her outlook on her brother who has a neurological disorder from birth.

With her podcast, she wanted to give the floor to men and women to talk about their relationship with their sick or disabled sister or brother.

Léa Hirschfeld believes “in free speech as a fundamental tool for inclusion and understanding of disability and mental and physical health.

"She sees


as" the start of a life project, a great impetus, and a liberation.


Drag queens on both sides of the Atlantic

If, in the United States, the sixth All Stars season of

RuPaul's Drag Race



for close friends) began on Thursday, the thirteenth season of the drag-queens competition has just arrived on Netflix in France. Attention small spoiler: this edition does not start like the others. All candidates must comply from the outset with the famous

lip-sync test

, two by two. The winners of each duel continue the adventure. What happens to those who bow? We will be careful not to reveal it to you. And then, because there is a world beyond


, we highly recommend the episodes of

Drag Save The Queen

, available on MCM's YouTube channel, who follow several artists from the Parisian scene: Calypso Overkill, La Kahena, Minima Gesté…


Italy-Austria stronger than "Fort Boyard" and "La chanson challenge"


We saw the first auditions of "The Voice All Stars"

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