• The question often comes up in discussions and on social media: is it possible to donate blood after receiving a dose (or both) of the Covid-19 vaccine?

  • The response of the French blood establishment (EFS) is very clear.

    After an injection of the vaccine, it is possible to donate blood immediately.

  • Faced with shortages of stock, the EFS calls for the mobilization of donors.

“If I am vaccinated against Covid-19, can I donate blood?

»If, as for other Internet users, this question torments you, read on.

20 Minutes

takes stock of the current rules and recommendations.


"Can I donate blood if I am vaccinated against Covid-19?

»To this question, the answer is clear: it is yes.

And this, whatever the vaccine injected (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen), as well as after a first or second dose.

The French blood establishment explains on its website that "in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to donate blood after an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine, without any postponement period to be observed.

Vaccination against the coronavirus is therefore not considered a contraindication.

"It is only in cases of vaccination outside the EU or as part of a vaccine trial that a period of 28 days must be observed before donating blood," continues the EFS.

On January 15, the High Council of Public Health issued an opinion in which it recommends that "no exclusion, even very provisional, be made for a donation in subjects recently immunized with an anti-Covid-19 vaccine to messenger RNA base ”.

Blood reserves are too low

Recently, the medical director of the EFS, Pascal Morel, stressed on France Info that the blood reserves were "not good".

The establishment is currently launching a national appeal to mobilize donors.

To donate blood, the main obligations are to be between 18 and 70 years old, to be in good health and to weigh at least 50 kg.

While vaccinated people can donate blood without fear, the rules are different for those who test positive for Covid-19.

Concerning them, the EFS specifies that it is necessary to wait 28 days after the onset of symptoms or 14 days after their disappearance before being able to make a donation.

For asymptomatic cases, it is sufficient to wait 14 days from the date of the test.


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