Occupational inoculation by companies and universities of the new coronavirus vaccine began in earnest on the 21st.

Hiroshima Hiroshima University

At Hiroshima University's Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, inoculation began at the gymnasium at 10 am.

The target is about 20,000 students, faculty and staff, and employees of the company that operates the cafeteria, and 1,100 people make reservations on the 21st of the first day.

After being interviewed by a doctor, the students were vaccinated at each of the eight booths at the venue.

The inoculation is done by university doctors, nurses, dentists, etc., and a system of about 20 people per day is set up so that the usual medical care provided at university hospitals will not be hindered.

The university plans to give the first vaccination to 1,100 people on weekdays and 2,500 people on holidays until the 2nd of next month, and then expand the scope of occupational vaccination to companies in Higashi-Hiroshima City.

The student who received the vaccination said, "It didn't hurt as much as I expected. I was a little relieved because I had a part-time job in the restaurant business."

Yuri Okamoto, director of the Health Care Center of Hiroshima University, said, "If vaccination progresses and herd immunity is achieved, it will be possible to prevent infection even for students who have not been vaccinated due to chronic diseases. I want to do it. "

Osaka Kinki University

Kinki University in Osaka has also started inoculation for a total of 34,000 students and faculty members.

Kinki University began vaccination on the campus of Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka on the 21st, and at the gymnasium at the venue, students were asked by doctors about their physical condition, etc., and then divided into 10 booths and vaccinated by nurses. It was.

After receiving the vaccination, I moved to another space and waited for 15 minutes to check if there was any change in my physical condition.

At Kinki University, 15,500 people, or 46% of the target people, have made reservations, so the vaccinations for those who wish to be vaccinated will be completed by the beginning of August, when the summer vacation begins, and after that, the target of vaccination will be local residents. We are also considering expanding it to.

A third-year male student who received the vaccination said, "I'm glad I was able to get the vaccination smoothly without any pain. I haven't seen my friends for over a year because of only online classes, and I want to study together as soon as possible."

Mamoru Yoshihara, Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Department of Kinki University, said, "I am relieved that vaccination has started smoothly. Currently, many classes are being held online, but I would like to proceed with vaccination and resume face-to-face classes. I was talking.

In Kansai, from the 21st, at least 6 universities such as Osaka University and Kansai University and large companies such as JR West will start vaccination in the workplace.

Saitama Tokyo International University

At the university in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, inoculation has started for students and faculty members.

At "Tokyo International University" in Kawagoe City, inoculation has begun for about 7,000 students, including international students, faculty and staff, who wish to receive it.

On the 21st, an inoculation venue was set up in the lounge on campus, and the students who visited were inoculated after being interviewed by faculty members with doctor licenses.

Students who received the vaccination said, "I want to take off my mask as soon as possible and take a face-to-face class with my friends." I did.

Face-to-face classes have resumed at the university this year, but the capacity is still limited to half, the other half are asking for online participation, and the study abroad program has been cancelled. I am.

Satoshi Kaneko, Executive Director of Tokyo International University, said, "I wanted to create an environment where I could take lessons quickly and with peace of mind, so I raised my hand to inoculate the workplace. I also want to fulfill the desire of students who want to study abroad." Was there.

The university plans to complete vaccinations for those who wish to receive it by the end of next month, and is considering inoculating local residents if there is a surplus of vaccine.

Started at at least 17 universities in 11 prefectures (as of 10 am)

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's summary as of 10 am, vaccination will begin on the 21st at at least 17 universities in 11 prefectures.

Vaccination will be started at

▽ Hokkaido Medical University in Hokkaido,

▽ Tokushima

University in

Miyagi Prefecture


▽ Tokyo


University in

Saitama Prefecture,

▽ Tokyo, Keio University, Nihon University, Japan Physical Education University

▽ Shonan Institute of Technology in Kanagawa Prefecture,

▽ Matsumoto Dental University in Nagano Prefecture,

▽ Osaka University, Osaka University of Economics and Law, Kansai University, Kinki University, Yamato University,

▽ Kobe City Nursing University in Hyogo Prefecture ,

▽ Hiroshima University in Hiroshima Prefecture,

▽ Tokushima

University in

Tokushima Prefecture,

▽ Nagasaki International University in Nagasaki Prefecture


According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Tokyo International University in Saitama Prefecture will also start on the 21st, while the originally planned Information Security Graduate University in Kanagawa Prefecture has been postponed due to preparations. is.