1.3 million people saw Max Verstappen win the Grand Prix of France on Sunday evening via Ziggo Sport.

The driver managed to beat Lewis Hamilton at Circuit Paul Ricard.

Only the European Championship match between Italy and Wales (1.36 million viewers) and the

NOS News

from 8 p.m. (2.21 million viewers) were better viewed on Sunday.

889,000 people have watched the afterthought of the Grand Prix of France at Ziggo Sport.

The preview has been viewed by 485,000 people.

The European Championship match between Turkey and Switzerland was broadcast via NPO2 at the same time as Italy-Wales.

347,000 people watched that match.


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Top five of Sunday 20 June

  • 1. NOS News from 8 p.m. (NPO1) - 2,210,000 viewers

  • 2. Italy-Wales (NPO1) - 1,361,000 viewers

  • 3. French Grand Prix (Ziggo Sport) - 1,300,000 viewers

  • 4. Studio Europe (NPO1) - 1,095,000 viewers

  • 5. Hart van Nederland (SBS6) - 910,000 viewers