After an entry into Euro 2021 very followed Tuesday, June 15, the France team again federated in front of the posts this Saturday during its meeting against Hungary (1-1).

Nearly 12.3 million viewers on average followed the scheduled match on TF1, for an audience share of 70%, according to data from Médiamétrie unveiled on Sunday.

"Huge success for the Hungary-France match", welcomed TF1 on Twitter, which recorded a peak audience of "14.6 million" viewers at the final whistle shortly before 5 pm.

#Audiences @ TF1 # EURO2020

Huge success for the HUNGARY - FRANCE match commented by @BixeLizarazu and @gregmargotton

Very large leader among the general public:

📌 12.3 M tvsp

🔝 Peak at 14.6

M ✅ 70% PdA 4+

✅ 78% PdA 25 / 49a

✅ 72% PdA FRDA-50

✅ 84% PdA 15-34 # FRAHON

- TF1 Pro (@ TF1Pro) June 20, 2021

This second match of the Blues, however, gathered fewer viewers than their inaugural success of the Euro against Germany on Tuesday evening (15.1 million people in front of M6).

A record which had allowed M6 to record its best audience of the year.

Saturday at 6 p.m. the Portugal-Germany meeting (2-4) gathered an average of 4.04 million viewers on M6.


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