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Young people need support, not “presentations”!

Sami Al Riyami


June 20 2021

The UAE is a country of opportunities, and this is a fact that cannot be ignored or denied. It is the country of work, innovation, creativity and production, so our ambition should not be reduced to how to provide a job opportunity for a young man or woman. Rather, the first is to work to empower these young people, and turn them into the labor market as entrepreneurs who start their projects. They grow up with her month by month and year by year.

Opportunities are many, and our young people do not lack ideas, they are really creative, and many of them have determination, ambition and passion, but, frankly, they have not found to this day the real support on the ground, which enables them to resist pressures, and helps them in the intensity of competition, they are still suffering greatly in transforming their beautiful ideas to successful projects, and they still suffer from many problems, the most important of which is financing, and some difficult laws that still constitute a barrier to them from entering the market, or continuing their existing projects.

There are many institutions, and many parties, whose reason for establishing them is supposed to be to support young people, enable them to establish their own projects, and then help them in continuity, but unfortunately, and according to the testimonies of many of these young people who entered the market and tried hard to continue it, It is practical, realistic and on the ground that the real support... is missing.

It is very confusing. We hear about hundreds, if not thousands, of successful models. They came to the Emirates as simple workers who had nothing, and started as salesmen and marketing employees, and small employees, and intermediaries, and today they are “billionaires” in every sense of the word, and there are thousands of others, who are now trading in millions of dirhams. monthly, after they were just workers in simple professions in the market, and the question here is not how they did that? Insofar as this means that the UAE market and in its various fields have a lot of good, unlimited opportunities, and the ability to absorb large numbers of Emirati youth to be entrepreneurs in the world of trade, finance and business.

The ball is not in the youth’s court. They are ready with their ideas and ambitions. Rather, the responsibility now lies with the authorities established by the government to support, finance and rehabilitate these young people. They must start working. Everyone is tired of statements, meetings, and sent speech. We want to see realistic initiatives, not “presentations.” On screens that do not reach the field, and we want to see supportive decisions and laws that help the youth of the Emirates, and enable them tangibly to enter the labor market and continue in it, is this something difficult to implement?!



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