China News Service, Hong Kong, June 20. The Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Zhang Jianzong said on the 20th that starting from the new school year in September this year, the Education Bureau will introduce a new "Civil and Social Development Division" to replace the "General Education Division". The subjects will help students understand the country and its close relationship with Hong Kong, and then enhance their national identity through further understanding of the national conditions.

  Zhang Jianzong made the above statement in his blog on the same day.

He said that with the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, middle schools and primary schools will follow the Education Bureau to provide schools with guidelines on school administration and education, maintain a safe and orderly campus learning environment, and cultivate students to become law-abiding citizens.

  "At the same time, the government actively promotes Chinese history and culture, hoping to enhance the national consciousness and patriotism of young people." Zhang Jianzong pointed out that starting from the 2018 to 2019 school year, the Education Bureau has implemented Chinese history as an independent compulsory subject in junior high schools.

  In addition, about one third of the newly launched "Civil and Social Development Section" in the 2021-2022 school year is about the development of the country since the reform and opening up, and about one third is about Hong Kong under the "one country, two systems". The content extends to the contemporary world, selecting topics in economics, technology, sustainable development, and public health.

  He believes that this subject will comprehensively deepen students' development history and vision of the country since the reform and opening up, and allow students to understand the situation facing humans in the contemporary world, thereby broadening their horizons.

  "The mainland inspection is also an important part of the course, allowing students to understand the current state of the country's development and people's lives on the spot, so as to increase their understanding of the country and cultivate patriotism." Zhang Jianzong wrote.

  Zhang Jianzong mentioned that the SAR government will once again launch the "Go with Hong Kong" program this summer, hoping that students will seize the opportunity to sign up.

He said that the young people who had participated in the project believed that this experience broadened their horizons, allowing them to realize that they need to think from multiple angles and set a clear direction for future development.

  It is reported that the plan allows high schools to become the "work shadows" of senior officials for a day, and experience the work of officials and the mode of operation of the SAR government up close.