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But if, you know, this box which comes alive and which young people use to watch YouTube… Every Saturday, it is therefore here that you will find our favorites (or not), all the crisp news and the indiscretions of the week.

Come on, do we take a look at the TV news?

The number of the week

No curiosity effect for Christophe Dechavanne.

The host was back on the small screen this week at the controls of

Take it or leave it

, the game previously played by Cyril Hanouna on C8.

Halfway through his CDD (only ten numbers were turned), the figures are not amazing.

If we take into account only the second part of the show, 461,000 people followed, on average, this new version, or 2.2% of the public according to Médiamétrie.

For comparison,


is usually closer to one million followers by this time.

The instant zapping

Who said journalists only broke bad news?

Perrine Storme proved the opposite on Wednesday on BFMTV.

After playing football with children in a park (live on the air, yes), the reporter and her cameraman approached a woman strolling on the lawn: “You were telling me everything. hour that you were not aware that Jean Castex had spoken this midday?


Normal, she was relaxing in the sun.

Perrine Storme then announced to her interlocutor that the curfew would no longer be in effect from Sunday.

Happiness can be read on her face, and her cry still echoes in the journalist's ears.

Most beautiful day of his life, the cry resonates squarely in the park pic.twitter.com/rkpe5Q9ObB

- Bertrand Chameroy (@bchameroy) June 16, 2021

The announcer moment

Before we get to the popcorn news, what if we take a video break to watch what's in store on TV next week?

A program loaded with nostalgia, you will see them!

The "popcorn" info

Stéphane Bern does it again.

No, don't worry, the host is not going to put on a swimsuit to advertise a camping village.

On the other hand, he will again play comedy for a fiction planned for France 2. Entitled


, this unit will tell the story of a prosecutor and professor of criminal law who returns to his native village, accompanied by three of his best students, to elucidate a mysterious matter.

Filming started this week and will last until July 13 in the Drôme Provençale.

Marie Portolano will not have the right to taste the cakes prepared by French personalities. The host, who will be found in September at the head of the

Best Pastry Chef

, will not be part of the “celebrity” version of the show, currently filming. Instead, Norbert Tarayre and Mercotte will present the program. Joyce Jonathan, Lola Dubini and Malika Ménard are notably announced in the casting. And this is not the only change since the show will be found on… Gulli!

A smooth transformation.

This Friday, Sud Radio announced that

La Quotidienne

, a program broadcast every day (as its name suggests) on France 5 would disappear in favor of a weekly version (as its name does not indicate) but it is not all.

According to


, Thomas Isle will be on the air from Monday to Friday at the start of the school year to host the program but he will also embody his weekly variation on weekends.

La Quotidienne

would then be broadcast from September to December to make way for the only version of the weekend on France 5 at the end of the year.


From “100% Euro” to “Best Pastry Chef”, Marie Portolano is the new figurehead of the chain


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