In the video... Fahd kidnaps a guard dog

Surveillance cameras captured the terrifying moment of a leopard catching a sleeping dog in front of a house in Bhoz village of Nashik in Maharashtra state, Hindu Time newspaper reported.

The newspaper added that the video taken by a surveillance camera installed at the entrance to the house showed the moment the wild leopard infiltrated to kidnap a dog that appears to be used for guarding, as the dog was sleeping in front of its owner’s house at night before the leopard kidnapped him away from the house, after a successful infiltration through the fence of the area outside this home.

After the pioneers of social networking sites in India, tweeted tweets commenting on the video clip published by the Indian news agency ANI through its official account on "Twitter", expressing concern about the increasing attack of wild animals in residential areas, as one of them said, "The encroachment on wildlife is not Not only dangerous to humans but also to animals such as dogs and cows, while another tweeted, "We made a mistake by occupying forest areas. This happens frequently in the suburbs of Mumbai. You must learn the lesson."