Despite the evacuation of a first strongly cloudy episode towards Belgium, sixteen departments remained in France in orange vigilance during the night of this Sunday.

Further degradation is also expected in the morning, from the Massif Central to the North-East, according to Météo France.

Météo France also placed the Rhône on heatwave vigilance, due to an early heatwave episode for the season, and temperatures were still in the middle of the night around 28 degrees in the Lyon region.

The stormy degradation expected during the day will limit maximum temperatures and put an end to this heat wave vigilance, with an end expected on the map at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Gusts of over 100 km / h

After a lull in the night, the thunderstorms will resume and will again become virulent from the morning on the Massif Central and reach in the afternoon the North-East of the country.

These thunderstorms should be particularly windy with gusts which can locally exceed 100 km / h, or even be accompanied in places by vortex phenomena.

They will give intense rains as they pass, locally causing flooding and urban runoff, as well as hailstorms, with marked electrical activity.

The departments concerned by the maintenance of orange vigilance are: Ain (01), Allier (03), Ardèche (07), Cantal (15), Côte-d'Or (21), Doubs (25), Drôme (26), Jura (39), Loire (42), Haute-Loire (43), Nièvre (58), Puy-de-Dôme (63), Rhône ( 69), Haute-Saône (70), Saône-et-Loire (71) and the Territoire de Belfort (90).


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