This wall is actually the treasure of the town hall?

In Xinxian County, the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains, in the Revolutionary Museum, the capital of the E-Yu-Anhui-Su District, a wall with the "Draft Law of Land" written on it is the treasure of the museum.

  In 1931, the central government issued the "Draft Land Law."

In 1932, the "Land Law" spread to the Hubei, Henan and Anhui Revolutionary Bases. The Chairman of the Soviet of Fangwan Village asked people to write the "Land Law Draft" on the wall for extensive publicity.

  During the Revolutionary War, the peasant masses tried to protect it by covering it with yellow mud and straw to preserve it.

  It was not opened in 1966. In 1991, the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau dispatched expert guidance to divide it into four pieces before moving to the museum. It is now a national first-level key cultural relic and has become the “treasure of the town hall” of the museum.

This wall on which the "Draft Land Act" is written has become a historical testimony to the land revolution in the Hubei, Henan and Anhui revolutionary base areas.

(Huang Yuhan, Li Chaoqing, Kan Li)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]