China News Service, June 19. According to the website of the Guangxi Liuzhou Health and Health Commission, on June 18, 2021, Liuzhou City found 1 case of asymptomatic infection imported from abroad during the investigation of overseas returnees and nucleic acid testing.

The activity trajectory, epidemiological investigation, sampling and testing of asymptomatic infected persons are now notified as follows:

Asymptomatic infected persons pass through and involve activity places:

  EMU D2956 (Car No. 08): Arrival time at 21:42 on June 11;

  East Square of Liuzhou Railway Station: From 21:42 to 22:03 on June 11;

  Area F of Lianfa Binjiang No.1 Community: June 11 to June 18;

  Community Health Service Center of Vocational Education Park: June 12 from 10:00 to 10:50, June 17 from 15:23 to 16:10;

  Exhibition Center Hall A: From 15:12 to 15:40 on June 13;

  Zhenghe City Lianhua Supermarket: June 13th at 16:28;

  Siyun Milk Gai Milk Tea Shop, District A, Yaobu ​​Ancient Town: at 22:00 on June 13;

  Jiaozi Luchuan BBQ Restaurant, Area A, Yaobu ​​Ancient Town: From 22:00 on June 13 to 0:4 on June 14;

  Water Star Cruise: From 19:30 to 20:30 on June 16th;

  You Linhui (Vocational Education Park Store): June 17th from 16:30 to 17:30.

  Please conduct self-health monitoring with the asymptomatic infected persons passing through and all the intersections at the venue, and take the initiative to conduct nucleic acid testing at the nearest designated medical institution nucleic acid testing point under the condition of standardizing personal protection.

If symptoms of fever occur, call 120 in time and wait for the ambulance to come to see you.

Epidemiological investigation:

As of 12:00 on June 19, 8 close contacts and 22 second close contacts were initially investigated. All of them have been transferred to the centralized medical isolation observation point. Another close contact has been sent out for local assistance. .

Sampling and testing:

As of 12:00 on June 19, samples of 140 people in close contact, sub-close contact, expanded screening and 25 samples of living environment samples of infected persons have been collected for nucleic acid testing, and the results are all negative.

Nucleic acid tests were carried out on personnel in District F of Lianfa Binjiang No.1 Community in Liudong New District, and a total of 304 people were sampled, and the results were all negative.

At the same time, the homes and locations of asymptomatic infected persons were successively eliminated, and the close contacts and sub-close contacts were eliminated.

  In the next step, Liuzhou City will further investigate the activity trajectory of asymptomatic infections and personnel contacts, and continue to carry out sampling and testing, isolation management and control, and the elimination of involved places. The general public is requested to wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, wear masks, gather less, maintain a safe social distance, pay close attention to the information dynamics of epidemic prevention and control, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, and cooperate with relevant departments to implement epidemic prevention measures. The follow-up information will be released in a timely manner in accordance with relevant regulations.