[Explanation] Xi'an a theater was accused of letting real wolves participate in the live-action show "Legend of Camel Bell", which caused widespread public concern.

To this end, the reporter conducted a field visit to the theater.

  Recently, a video related to the show of "Legend of Camel Bell" has been circulated on the Internet, and it is said that when performing the show of "Legend of Camel Bell" in Shaanxi Xi’an No. 1 Theater, a group of wolves participated in the performance under the guidance of actors. During the performance, the wolves even rushed from the stage. To the aisle of the audience, threw down the actor and bite. Even when viewed through the screen, the scene was quite frightening, with constant screams.

  [Concurrent] Cui Mingwen, head of management department of "Legend of Camel Bell" Show Theater

  It is the "wolves" on the Silk Road that the dogs led by our professional dog handlers "pushed" the camel workers played by the dog handlers.

All dog handlers performing in the theater have formal qualification certificates and performance permits.

Then we will play a safety reminder in the theater before the start of the performance to remind visitors that animals will pass by during the performance, so don’t panic.

Before the animal enters the stage, the staff will lay protective nets on the animal’s route to prevent the personal safety of visitors. During the performance, the dog and the dog handler will perform one-on-one on the stage, and also ensure all safety during the performance Happening.

  [Explanation] The staff of the theater said on the Internet that “the wolves who participated in the performance were Siberian wolves, which were of wolf pedigree and were artificially domesticated.” In response to this statement, Cui Mingwen told reporters that the animals participating in the performance were Kunming dogs. The self-proclaimed "staff" on the Internet are verifying their identity.

Then Cui Mingwen took the reporter to the back of the theater, and saw that under the guidance of the dog handler, several animals participating in the performance demonstrated the ability to sit down, shake hands, and "snap and bite".

  [Concurrent] "Legend of Camel Bell" show dog trainer Qiu Yuli

  In the second act "Wolf Road Distress", the plot of the "wolf" pounce on the actors is our plot need. Please rest assured that we have adequate security measures and we have sufficient experience.

We usually play and interact with animals and dogs, (in our eyes) they are like children.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the performance site that before entering the second act "Wolf Way Distress" performance, the staff installed temporary protective nets on the animal passing area to ensure the personal safety of the audience on both sides, and informed that animals are passing by. Do not touch teasingly.

During the performance, a group of animals shuttled between the stage and the aisle of the auditorium and "pushed" the camel worker played by the dog trainer.

  [Concurrent] On-site audience Zhao Lei

  After watching "Legend of Camel Bell", I felt quite shocked. It was the first time I watched a stage play.

When these dogs ran out, there was a special tacit understanding between the cooperation and the actors. When they were on the scene, they didn’t have the kind of fear or feelings. They only felt natural. There were also protective measures around them, and there was a lot of safety. prompt.

  [Explanation] To further verify whether there are wolves in the theater, the reporter interviewed the Propaganda Department of the Management Committee of Xi'an Chanba Ecological Zone.

  [Concurrent] Staff of the Propaganda Department of the Management Committee of Xi'an Chanba Ecological Zone

  It’s not that the program (Legend of Camel Bell) has become popular recently. Then he (the theater party) also told us about the situation, because there are more such reports on the Internet, and we will also conduct it again with him (the theater party). After a verification, he also told us a description of the situation, that is, around the second act of the acting, and then the Kunming dog that they domesticated was actually due to the needs of the plot.

(It's a wolf or a dog) I said that I need to check with here, and related departments. After all, animals are involved, or something.

  [Explanation] The theater said that the staff of Xi'an Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (City Forestry Bureau) had gone to investigate earlier.

The reporter contacted the bureau and has not received a reply as of press time.

It is understood that the "Legend of Camel Bell" show officially started in March 2018, with an average of more than 800 performances per year.

  Reporter Mei Yitaki Alina Xi'an

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]