• Corinna, the wife of Michael Schumacher, she spent the fortune of the former pilot to finance the treatments of the former champion after his skiing accident in 2013?

    This is what a very viral publication on Facebook has been providing for a few days.

  • In 2017, Michael Schumacher's fortune was estimated at $ 700 million.

    If the cost of the ex-champion's treatments is not precisely known, it has not reached such amounts for seven years.

  • This publication also claims that the athlete remained in a coma for six years.

    It's wrong.

Red Baron Michael Schumacher and his wife Corinna in financial distress?

This is what several viral Facebook posts claim.

“Despite the immense fortune Schumacher himself received from his income in Formula 1 […] and despite all the huge sponsorship deals he had, all the money was spent.

The reason for this "bankruptcy"?

His wife's determination to offer him the best possible care after his skiing accident in 2013. Treatments that would have burdened "most" of the couple's fortune.

This same publication also claims that the pilot woke up after 6 years of coma.

Except that these statements are false or very exaggerated.


Rumors about the famous pilot's state of health have been recurring since his skiing accident.

On December 29, 2013, following this terrible event, the German sportsman was plunged into a coma, from which he would emerge on June 16, 2014, about six months later - and not six years, as the viral publications claim.

At the time, it was Sabine Kehm, the spokesperson for the family, who announced the news in a terse statement.

Rumors and expensive medical treatment

Regarding the cost of the treatments provided to Michael Schumacher, numerous publications on social networks have claimed since 2014 that part of the couple's assets would have gone up in smoke in medical care.

In reality, the medical bills seem far from having caused the "bankruptcy" of the Schumacher clan.

Very little information has filtered out on this point since the accident, enough to fuel the most unfounded rumors. Starting with Corinna Schumacher's decision to sell certain goods. In a recent portrait devoted to her by 


, the daily underlines that she "knew how to protect the icon, prevent the slightest photograph, sell the jet, the chalet, to cover the costs of a demanding medical treatment", without however advancing on the cost of it.

In 2016, the British daily

The Daily Express

reported that Schumi's medical expenses were a budget of £ 8 million per year, or nearly 200,000 euros per week.

This is almost four times more than what the Spanish press agency EFE accounted for when the athlete came out of the coma in 2014. At the time, his medical expenses would have been “only” around from 55,000 euros per week.

Gains estimated at $ 1 billion

According to German celebrity magazine


, one of the couple's villas on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, went on sale in April for 5.87 million euros.

In 2015, Corinna Schumacher had already separated from several goods, including a private jet for nearly 35 million euros, as well as two chalets in Norway and in the French Alps, where her husband was staying during his accident.

However, this did not prevent her from acquiring, in 2018, a villa for 30 million euros, this time in Mallorca.

The American magazine


appreciates the earnings of Michael Schumacher of $ 1 billion totaled over the course of his career.

In 2017, the Swiss magazine Bilanz, for its part, considered the Schumacher fortune to be around 700 million dollars.

So sacrifices to finance gigantic health expenses or simple management of family wealth?

Today, it cannot be said from the sales announced in the press that the Schumacher wife spent "the majority" of her fortune on the care of her husband, solely on the basis of the sales announced in the press.


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