• Marie Portolano, ex-Canal +, joined the staff of M6 in the spring.

  • It presents

    100% Euro

    throughout the duration of the sports competition.

    "She is not a classic presenter, she is very comfortable, she can have second degree, she likes to mess around, and she knows how to improvise," says comedian Julien Cazarre.

  • “She is very funny in real life and brings things that you would not have imagined.

    We can feel that she is having fun, ”says Jérémie Atlan of BBC Studios, who is producing the next season of the

    Best Pastry Chef, which

    she has been responsible for hosting.

His transfer to M6 is one of the great promises of the media transfer window of the season.

With Marie Portolano, the sixth channel could well have found the new figurehead of its antenna.

In mid-March, the round ball specialist unloaded on Canal + her documentary

Je ne suis pas une salope, je suis une journalist

, a grenade on sexism in sports editors whose explosions are still felt today. A few days earlier, his departure from the encrypted channel had been announced. "M6 came to get me at the right time," she confided soberly to



Here it is now on its new antenna at the controls of

100% Euro

for the duration of the football competition.

A sports magazine whose programming varies according to the matches broadcast on the channel.

“Her strength is being an entertainer,” says comedian Julien Cazarre, regular on the set.

Marie is not a classic presenter, she is very comfortable, she can have the second degree, she likes to mess around, and she knows how to improvise.


"She can get angry during a match, that's her particularity"

The troublemaker passed by Canal + adds that she "does not let go, is rock'n'roll" and has the essential asset to be respected in the "very hard" world of sport: legitimacy.

“She is one of the few girl journalists who really care about football.

She can get angry during a match, that's her particularity.


On M6, Marie Portolano, 35, goes out of her comfort zone and broadens her horizons.

On June 30, she will host

La Soirée Extraordinaire

, a variety show where artists perform their songs in a rather spectacular augmented reality setting.

Hence its title.

"I thought it was simply due to the fact that you presented it", flattered Julien Doré after his passage.

“I was extremely surprised and marked by the benevolence of the artists.

It's silly, but I thought that Patrick Bruel, Patrick Fiori or Florent Pagny were stars and therefore they weren't talking to people, that you shouldn't look them in the eye.

In fact, they are too nice.

”Marie Portolano accompanies this confidence with a communicative laugh when we meet her on the set of

Best Pastry Chef

, whose new season is expected for the start of the school year.

"I had to unlearn everything I learned"

She succeeds the presentation to Julia Vignali, part of her own. This new cap represents his biggest challenge. The night before the first day of competition, she did not sleep. “I was extremely stressed about not being able to do what is expected of me,” she explains. Until then, she only knew live, had never done recorded programs. During rehearsals, she was unsettled. “Live, on a set, we are very afraid of silences or of not having the right stimulus at the right time, for example. I had to unlearn everything I learned. "

Sometimes his sports journalist reflexes take over.

“I like to say that I am on

The Best Pastry Chef

as I could watch a sports competition.

It's a competition, there are stakes, a winner, some losers, like in sport.


"If something happens in the tent where the events are taking place, she intervenes to collect the hot reactions", engages Jérémie Atlan, director of entertainment at BBC Studios which produces the show.

For the latter, Marie Portolano's strong point is her “freshness”: “Where she is best is when she improvises.

She is very funny in real life and brings things that you would not have imagined.

You can tell she's having fun.


"I arrived in overalls, Cyril Lignac had a giggle"

Same enthusiasm on the side of Mercotte: “Marie is funny, super nice.

She loves people.

On the first day, she knew the first name and profession of each candidate.

"" I think I'm someone with empathy, that's what characterizes me in life, says the new host.

I became attached to each of the participants.

It's super hard to announce eliminations.


Cyril Lignac, for his part, emphasizes the “feel good” and “dynamic” spirit of the presenter, whom he considers “super spontaneous, pleasant, funny, good alive”.

“Cyril is a good audience,” says Marie Portolano.

I say hello and he laughs.

I arrived in overalls earlier, he giggled.

It's nice, I feel like I never flop.


The 30-something sense of humor is praised by everyone around her.

She has an easy pun.

When Jérémie Atlan says that organizing the filming schedule for the

Best Pastry Chef

by taking into account the reopening of restaurants and

100% Euro

was a puzzle, she blurted out: “A puzzle Jean, by the way.

»We find ourselves laughing heartily while experiencing the famous Portolano effect at the same time.

Will it work as much with the public?

"If it turns out it's going to be horrible, people are going to say to themselves: 'Who is this chick? She's completely chtarbée, she's not funny!'

It's pretty scary, ”she worries.

On the contrary, we bet that his witticisms will instead be the icing on the cake.


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