Regarding the holding of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, doctors who have been treating critically ill patients with the new coronavirus in Tokyo held it in an unattended manner to prevent the infection from spreading again and medical strains. When including spectators, we request that infection control measures be taken based on the latest research.

According to Dr. Satoshi Kutsuna of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, as of the 17th, the number of patients hospitalized was about 20, which is about half of what it was a month ago, and the situation in the medical field is steadily improving. I will.

Among them, in Tokyo, the proportion of infected people in the active generation, which often increases before the spread of infection, is increasing, and at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the infection may spread again and lead to medical strain. I am concerned.

Dr. Kutsuna said, "From the standpoint of medical professionals, I am worried that if the number of patients increases due to the holding of the Olympic Games, it will be a burden again. The athletes have worked hard and we can be encouraged, so it is meaningful to hold it. However, if it is held, measures should be taken to minimize the risk of spreading the infection. "

On top of that, Dr. Kutsuna said, "If you put in the audience, even if you leave enough distance for the audience, there will always be a timing when it becomes difficult to keep the distance, such as when going to the bathroom. It is ideal to hold it, "he said, and if the audience was to be included, he requested that the measures be taken thoroughly based on the latest research on infection control at the event.