Actress Han Ye-seul begins legal action against a YouTuber who indiscriminately exposes her and her boyfriend's private life.

On the 18th, Spotify News reported that Han Ye-seul recently hired a lawyer at a prominent law firm and raised suspicions about her and her boyfriend's privacy. It was reported that preparations were made to sue the distributors.

According to the report, he plans to take strong action without leniency against YouTubers and malicious commenters who have harmed him and those around him by raising suspicions of indiscriminate privacy.

On the 13th of last month, Han Ye-seul revealed her boyfriend 10 years younger than her on her SNS. Later, the 'Garosero Research Institute' revealed that Han Ye-seul's boyfriend, Ryu Seong-jae, had been a host in the past. In addition, the 'Entertainment Manager' caused controversy by exposing various rumors and tips about Han Ye-seul's past.

Han Ye-seul explained various allegations through her YouTube channel, but even after this broadcast, the entertainment managers of Ka Se-yeon and Kim Yong-ho did not stop revealing. In the end, Han Ye-seul took legal action and foretold strong follow-up measures. 

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)