Abortion: the obstacles remain

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Last fall (2020), the Poles demonstrated massively against the restrictions on the right to abortion, now limited to only cases of danger to death for the pregnant woman, or following rape or incest.

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The right to abortion is a given - in the texts anyway - almost everywhere in Europe.

But what about the facts?

In many countries, women remain stigmatized, and access to termination of pregnancy remains hampered by specific legal provisions.


Ireland was one of the last countries in the European Union to legalize abortion


Two years after

its legalization, it is clear that this right is still not guaranteed:

a woman crosses the border with the United Kingdom every two days to have an abortion performed


Emeline Vin's explanations


In Gibraltar, abortion is still illegal: anyone who performs it can face life imprisonment

. Such a sentence has never been handed down recently, but the legislation stigmatizes and endangers the many women forced to go for an abortion in Spain, without any financial or health support.

A referendum will be held on June 24, 2021 on the legalization of abortion



Frédérique Lebel.


, a tiny country in the middle of the Mediterranean, 316 km2 for 450,000 inhabitants,

is a

country without water, or almost


The problem has always existed, but it has become more pronounced over the years.


the Maltese have had to find increasingly inventive solutions to cope with this water scarcity



Juliette Rengeval.       



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Vincent Théval's music chronicle


Grain, sand and mud

, from the group / A \

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