According to reports, on June 15, according to the latest requirements of the Hainan Provincial Department of Education, all elementary school graduates in the province will learn to swim before the end of August this year, and all elementary school students from grade four to third grade will learn to swim before the end of November this year.

  Hainan is a big ocean province and it is also located in the tropics. Every summer, children drown frequently.

According to statistics, from 2016 to August 2017, more than 90% of the more than 90 drowning students in Hainan could not swim.

For this reason, Hainan requires all primary school graduates in the province to learn how to swim, which obviously has practical relevance.

  Swimming is a sport suitable for all ages, and it helps the growth of primary and middle school students in the growing period.

For example, it promotes the improvement of the functions of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system, and improves the ability of young children to resist diseases.

Teaching students to swim can not only exercise their physical fitness, but also teach them a survival skill, so that students can better protect themselves. This is also an important part of improving students' overall quality.

  In addition, many children suffer from a decline in their physical fitness and frequent mental health problems due to the pressure of study.

In this case, it is necessary to let the children participate in more sports activities, such as letting them learn to swim and giving them more time to play.

  Moreover, Hainan's special regional and climatic factors require students to master water quality from an early age.

As early as 2017, Hainan introduced swimming teaching in primary and secondary schools through government payment.

And making it a compulsory course can make up for the shortcomings of students who can’t swim, and can also enhance their physical fitness.

  Many people have always advocated that students should "civilize their spirit and barbaric physique".

A student who knows how to swim and likes sports will not only have good physical fitness, but will also know better about self-protection. At the same time, it will also affect his mental state.

From this point of view, "swimming teaching in elementary and middle schools" is an educational measure that brings out the brilliance of quality education.

  In fact, not only in a maritime province like Hainan, but also in other regions, it is not uncommon for students to drown during the summer vacation.

Therefore, by purchasing services from the government to make swimming a compulsory course for elementary and middle school students, this "homework" in Hainan is also worthy of "copying" in various places "adapting measures to local conditions".

  Although the specific conditions vary from place to place, even as a sport, the teaching practice of letting students learn how to swim should be promoted as it is beneficial and harmless.

  □Xianren Dai (staff)