The pollution is much smaller than that identified Monday near the construction site of the wind farm.

On Wednesday, the maritime prefecture, however, identified a new iridescence of the water in the bay of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor), suggesting pollution.

The slick identified during a control flight extends over a length of three kilometers and a width of fifty meters and was then "eight kilometers from the bottom of the bay of Saint-Brieuc", according to the maritime prefecture.

The Thetis, a French Navy ship, went there to take samples.

The samples were entrusted to the maritime gendarmerie as part of the judicial investigation opened by the Brest prosecutor's office following the accidental release of hydraulic oil by the offshore installation vessel Aeolus.

"There is no element allowing at this stage to formally certify that the two pollutions are linked, it will be up to the investigators to establish it", specifies the Premar.

Leakage of 100 liters of oil

On Monday, a slick 16 km long and 8 km wide had been detected near the Aeolus, the ship responsible for drilling the foundations of the future offshore wind farm. According to Ailes Marines, which is managing the work, 100 liters of synthetic oil had escaped from the building. The material released would be "a fluid specially designed and developed for work at sea which is biodegradable". This pollution dispersed "naturally", according to the authorities.

The incriminated ship left the bay of Saint-Brieuc on Wednesday to reach its home port in the Netherlands, in agreement with the authorities.

However, the work has not been stopped since the pre-slicing activities carried out by another vessel are continuing.

With a capacity of 496 Megawatts with 62 wind turbines over 200 meters high and 30 to 42 meters underwater, the park should be operational in 2023.


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