After the cancellation of the state of emergency, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has proposed to limit the number of people and the time of day when serving alcohol after requesting restaurants to shorten business hours under priority measures such as prevention of spread. I am considering it.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to announce on the 18th the response from the 21st of this month, when the state of emergency has been lifted and will shift to priority measures such as prevention of spread, and is proceeding with the final adjustment of the specific measures.

According to the people concerned, we are requesting restaurants to shorten their business hours to 8:00 pm, and we are adjusting to set restrictions when serving alcohol.

It means that plans are being considered to set conditions such as the number of people who use it, the time when sake can be served, and the length of stay of customers.

In addition, the target area will be decided based on the infection situation.

Confirmation of new infections in Tokyo has stopped declining, experts have pointed out the possibility of rapid spread of infection, and it will be a measure as the opening of the Tokyo Olympics approaches next month, and the city will eat and drink with alcohol. I would like to reduce the risk by imposing certain restrictions on the place.