• The first issue of

    Jeux J'aime vous

    , Patrick Sébastien's magazine, was published this Thursday.

  • “I am a crossword enthusiast.

    When I was 14, I took part in the French championship, ”explains

    the comedian who designed the crossword puzzles for the magazine


    20 Minutes


  • “I could have done nothing but nerd.

    I have the means, I have a culture, I have won

    Questions for a champion

    three times

    , but that does not interest me.

    There is a whole fringe of people who want simple things, to relax.


The number 1 launched this Thursday in newsstands promises "good words, beautiful moments". On the cover, Patrick Sébastien, blue eyes and suit on an azure background, nibbles a branch of glasses to be serious. The title made in easy homophony: 

Games love you

. On the menu: fifty pages of crosswords, crosswords or sudokus ... We are looking for the fall of the joke. There are not any. “I am a crossword enthusiast. When I was 14, I took part in the French championship. I have always been fascinated by definitions, ”explains the former host who receives us in the Parisian offices of his company Magic TV, a stone's throw from the Champs-Elysées.

He confides in us his love for the dictionary ("It is the most interesting book"), says to be "a pupil of Michel Laclos", the star of verbicrucists - the learned name of crossword designers -, and ensures that s 'he spends "a day without writing a song, a piece of script or a crossword puzzle", he "has the impression of having wasted [his] time".

"Resistance" magazine

Patrick Sébastien designed all the grids to be solved in his magazine.

“I don't like when you have to find stuff you don't know, like the capital of Moldova,” he says.

Too bad for Chisinau.

His thing is horizontal and vertical lines to be filled in with "simple words" but through "cunning, clever" definitions, with "puns, double meanings, backwards words.

"Concretely, this gives riddles to" Vade retro Satolas, when we come back to it!

"(For" Lyon "?)," According to his work, he had glorious and lordly parents "(for" Marcel Pagnol ")," La chance de Cordy "(for" Nini ") or" Si on lui add o, we make a river ”(there, we dry…).



loves you

leaves room for editorial. Patrick Sébastien has taken on the editor-in-chief's hat and most of the subjects are more or less directly related to him. A double page is devoted to the "second life" of her make-up artist, a former education instructor. The comedian narrates his meeting with Louis de Funès, confides in the tragic death of his son Sébastien, responds to a three-page interview and conducts an interview with Jean Dujardin. The readership will be entitled to close-ups on "funny scams", the "hot rabbit" angle of an article on Victor Hugo or a paper on kindness. “Optimism, benevolence, good humor, are values ​​for which I fight. I wanted optimistic columns, things that do good, positive ”,affirms Patrick Sébastien who qualifies his review as a “book of resistance” whose slogan would be: “avoid preconceptions, be as benevolent as possible”.

"I could have done only nerd, but that doesn't interest me"

He states this while being fully aware that it will give grain to grind to his detractors.

"I've always been caricatured: 'Oh damn, that's all love!'

[he imitates those who imitate him].

Yeah, with me it always worked.

When I took the Brive rugby team twenty years ago [actually twenty-six years ago], they laughed at me when I said I was going to make the team work. to love.

But six months later [two years later, in fact], we were European champions.


Patrick Sébastien concedes maintaining this image of "Oh, damn, that's great". He adds: “I could have erased all that to just make the nerd. I have the means, I have a culture, I have won

Questions for a champion

three times

, but that does not interest me. There is a whole fringe of people who want simple things, to relax. "

To prove that the marrade is his priesthood, he unsheathes his phone and launches a video addressed by a spectator.

The sequence takes place in a cemetery.

We see people in mourning outfits meditating in front of a coffin when suddenly the first notes of his hit,

Les Sardines, sound


"Ah what are we tight, at the bottom of this box ..." "I find that extraordinary, he enthuses.

She's the mother of a fairground, she was 80 years old and said she wanted to be buried with this song.

She's not the only one.

It means that a lot of people have a perspective on life and that these light songs are not that much.


"For me, death is imminent"

Patrick Sébastien also laughs at death. The interview, which was to last twenty minutes, continues (it will end after an hour), and moves away from the crosswords. He approaches his own end on his own. “For me, death is imminent. I am psychic. I am 67 years old, I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. So far, so good. But I can see around me… The stroke… It could happen to me later, in five minutes. My mother died at 73. I don't normally have much left. It doesn't scare me because I believe everything is written down. We don't know how to bounce back.

He quotes the lyrics of the last song planned on his future album. He announces that it will be a spoken text over music, then declaims: "Are they really there, friends, buddies? Did anyone respect my last wishes? Are there garlands and people in disguise? Have we checked the darkness in my coffin? If there is light, I only sleep with one eye. "The piece will end with these words:" Now I am well, I no longer suffer, I no longer have a toothache, if I had known, I would have died before. Tonight I have an appointment with old friends in a small bar, the atmosphere is libertarian, the cell phone is forbidden, no it's not hell, it's heaven. "

Patrick Sébastien assures that he is not afraid of death but more of not occupying his life.

"I might be retired, but what am I going to fuck if I don't do anything… I'm only interested in hyperactive life."

I do 100,000 km per year.

I have lots of projects: an album, a series, the shows [a tour of the

Greatest cabaret in the world

will be launched this fall].

He grabs his pack of cigarettes, shows it and says, "This is my killing weapon, I know that."

If I die of this, I wouldn't have stolen it.

It would piss me off to die swallowing a glass of water through it.



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