I met you under the wind painting of the subway

Above: People who swipe their phones in the subway

  Left: Yang Xiaoxin quickly draws a denim girl in the inferior subway

  Below: People who swipe their phones in the subway

  Every morning and evening rush hour, on Hangzhou Metro Line 2 and Line 5, have you ever seen such a person: a slightly thin body, white hair, holding a pen, a drawing book, three or four minutes , With a few pens, the characters are on the paper-they are either playing mobile phones, or standing and dozing off, or chatting with friends, or closing their eyes to rest.

  Among these people, you may find your own shadow on the subway.

  The man who paints is called Yang Xiaoxin, 44 years old this year, from Taizhou, is an interior designer.

Since 2018, he has used the sketch style to draw "People Encountered", known as "Hangzhou Subway Sketch Brother".

20 minutes by subway

He drew four or five "people met by chance"

  Different from the pencil sketches that everyone remembers, Yang Xiaoxin uses a portable brush. “In 2018, I watched Mr. Pan Tianshou’s painting exhibition, and was deeply attracted by the painting style of Mr.’s brush, and I started to try to sketch with a brush.

  Because of the brush, Yang Xiaoxin has the possibility of drawing on the subway.

Because there are many people who take the subway in the morning and evening rush hours, he basically needs to hold the book to his chest to have room to paint. "The brush does not require much force to paint, unlike pencils and pens that require a lot of force."

  Every day from Xueyuan Road Station to Jiangcun Station, 20 minutes, enough time for Yang Xiaoxin to paint four or five "people who meet by chance."

  In the interval between the reporter's interview, Yang Xiaoxin drew a picture for a young brother who was working in the coffee shop. It took only 2 minutes before and after. He himself was not very satisfied, "This picture is not done properly, it is a bit random. "

  "I like to draw strangers, more relaxed, and more of the taste of life." Yang Xiaoxin said that he has been interested in painting since he was a child, and began to learn painting in high school, and he studied interior art design in college.

He doesn’t have a standard for painting people. He paints whenever he sees it. Even if there are many people, he can still paint while standing. He may be used to it. Once he is empty, he will take out the brush book. "Many people see me Painting will give me my seat."

  Of course, some people will take the initiative to invite Yang Xiaoxin to draw a picture for himself, “There was a guy sitting next to me and let me draw a picture for him.” Compared with randomly selected targets, in Yang Xiaoxin’s eyes, these The "model" is too nervous and lacks the "smell of life".

  When painting on the subway, there will be many people watching, but Yang Xiaoxin does not become embarrassed or nervous because of this. On the contrary, the more he paints, the more relaxed he is. "I am even more afraid that they will always look at my paintings. 'Model'. The other party is still the next best thing, and the natural smell is not good."

Where to go, where to draw

He came up with the book "Walking and Painting"

  After three years of painting the subway clan, in Yang Xiaoxin's pen, the people who paint the most are those sitting and brushing their mobile phones.

Many passengers who often take the subway also know Yang Xiaoxin.

"There was a little brother yesterday. As soon as he entered the subway, he greeted me and said, are you the uncle who paints?"

  Yang Xiaoxin paints wherever he goes, eats, paints on the subway, and paints when he goes out to play.

A pen and a notebook have become a necessity in his life.

In the past three years, he has used more than 40 painting books, and he has painted more than 12,000 paintings.

  What do you plan to do with these paintings now?

Yang Xiaoxin said to let it go first. If there is a chance, he will consider creating a picture album. "I thought about the name, so it's called "Painting while walking." It is an ancient building.

  Behind this name is his grand desire.

"I want to use a brush to draw a modern big painting, showing the most life scene." Yang Xiaoxin said, these sketches are all training his skills and solid brushwork, "I want to try to draw the most life you, Me and everyone, I just want to try and see if this can be done."

  However, at this stage, Yang Xiaoxin still hopes to continue to draw small paintings of subway sketches. “One is not enough skills, and the other is that there is not such a large space at home to paint big paintings.” A big painting requires more time and energy, and he hopes I can have my own studio in the future.

  "You see something resembling a leaf on his head. Actually, he wanted to paint another person at the beginning." At the end of the interview, Yang Xiaoxin showed the reporter a painting.

  This is Yang Xiaoxin’s painting with an inscription and one of his favorite paintings. “In the painting, this uncle is watching other people playing cards. He looks very natural, and with the embellishments of ins and outs, it may be the same as life. There are unexpected gains."

  Yang Xiaoxin said that he will continue to paint until the end of his life, "No matter what the future is, I will continue to paint."

  Our reporter Sheng Rui