China News Service, Guangzhou, June 16 (Cai Minjie, Liao Peijin) Since the outbreak of the local epidemic of new crown pneumonia, all walks of life in Guangzhou have donated money and materials to support the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau stated on the 16th that the bureau issued the "Emergency Notice on Strict Charity Fundraising in Epidemic Prevention and Control" to further regulate Guangzhou’s epidemic prevention and control charitable fundraising activities and strengthen the management and use of charitable donations for epidemic prevention and control.

  The notice emphasizes that all charitable forces must strengthen communication and coordination with donors and beneficiaries, and improve the efficiency of donated funds and materials allocation and delivery; to carry out charitable fundraising for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with laws and regulations, no organization or individual shall force apportionment or disguise apportionment; standardization The management and use of donated funds and materials for epidemic prevention and control; strengthening supervision and inspection of charitable donations during the epidemic.

  In terms of carrying out charitable fundraising for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with laws and regulations, charitable organizations that carry out public fundraising activities should have public fundraising qualifications and submit the fundraising plan to the civil affairs department for the record 10 days in advance. Due to the emergency, it was not possible to start public fundraising activities. The filing procedures for fundraising plans shall be completed within 10 days after the start of the public fundraising activities; for public fundraising activities conducted via the Internet, the public fundraising information shall be published on the Internet public fundraising information platform designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and at the same time in the name of the organization Opened portals, official Weibo and other online platforms release public fundraising information.

  In terms of regulating the management and use of donated funds and materials for epidemic prevention and control, the donee shall issue a legal and effective receipt to the donor after accepting the donation; the donee shall register the donated property in a register and keep it properly. It is not easy to store and transport. Donations and donated property that exceed actual needs can be sold by the donee, and all the income obtained should be used for the purpose of donation; the donee should ensure that the procedures for accepting funds and materials are complete, management of special accounts, special personnel responsible, consistent accounts, and accounts Be clear; the recipient must fully respect and reflect the wishes of the donor when using the donated money and material, and send the donated money and material to the front line of the epidemic prevention and control work as soon as possible, and never allow delays or misappropriation of the donated money For other purposes; the donee should actively, timely, accurately and comprehensively disclose the information of the donated money and material in accordance with the information disclosure requirements of social organizations and charitable organizations; the donor has the right to inquire about the use and management of the donated property from the donee , And put forward opinions and suggestions. For the inquiries of the donor, the donee shall reply truthfully.

  In terms of strengthening the supervision and inspection of charitable fundraising during the epidemic, the civil affairs bureaus of each district shall increase the supervision of charitable fundraising activities for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic within their jurisdiction; include charitable fundraising and information disclosure systems related to epidemic prevention and control into the annual charity supervision The key content of the inspection. Those who deceive or induce fundraisers to perform fundraising through fictitious facts, etc.; those who apportion to units or individuals or disguised apportionment; those who obstruct public order, enterprise production and operation, or the lives of residents shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law; it is found that the name of charity or fake charity Organizations that defraud property should actively cooperate with the public security organs. (Finish)