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Occupational inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine has begun at work and universities.

However, the first target is companies with more than 1000 people, and most small and medium-sized companies have no prospect of occupational vaccination.

Under such circumstances, the company with 18 employees decided to make an "employee trip" to the United States.

(International Department Reporter Yukari Kondo)


Occupational inoculation

"We started with big companies about occupational vaccination, but in a company like us, we don't know when employees can get vaccinated, but we're not just waiting, we're thinking of doing something. "

This is what Go Sakakura (33) says.

He is a director of "ROOT2" Co., Ltd., which operates hotels and restaurants in Kyoto.

There are 18 employees, mainly in their 20s and 30s.

There is no resident industrial physician.

He says there is no prospect of receiving government-promoted occupational vaccinations.

Under such circumstances, Mr. Sakakura proposed to protect employees and the company on an "employee trip" to go to the United States for vaccination.

If you go to America ...

"If you go to the United States, even foreign tourists can get vaccinated."

Mr. Sakakura saw such information on the Internet in May.

Furthermore, when I talked to an acquaintance in Los Angeles, I found that some people were actually visiting to receive vaccinations from Japan.

In the United States, where people are being vaccinated, the new coronavirus will bring back tourists who have been significantly reduced, allowing them to be vaccinated without proof of their residence or work in the state. The states are one after another.

According to a survey by a local NPO, as of June 1, 25 states, half of the 50 states in the United States, have taken such measures.

For the summer tourist season, vaccination sites are also set up near Times Square in New York, on the sandy beaches of Miami Beach, Southern Florida, and at airports in Alaska.

Many of the employees were surprised at Mr. Sakakura's proposal.

Even so, he politely explained that the company would bear all travel expenses and local stay expenses by recruiting applicants instead of forcing them to participate.

As a result, a total of four people, including the managers and deputy managers of the two restaurants, hoped to participate.

A total of six people, the company representative and Mr. Sakakura, decided on an "employee trip" to Los Angeles.

In addition to the travel period, we have decided to close the two restaurants for one month because we will need to be isolated at home for two weeks after returning to Japan.

Go Sakakura

"I wanted to do something, not just wait. I was worried that the customer would be separated by closing the store, but it is surely a merit rather than an immediate profit. I thought it was big, so I decided. "

Is it really okay for tourists?

The party arrived in Los Angeles in early June.

The next day, Mr. Sakakura had heard from an acquaintance living in the area in advance that there were inoculation venues throughout the city such as supermarkets and pharmacies, so when I drove a car, I found an inoculation venue installed in the church parking lot. I did.

It was a drive-through venue where you could inoculate while you were in the car.

Inoculation is free and no advance reservation is required.

After being asked by the person in charge of vaccination, "Are you a tourist?", He said he was asked about his address and phone number in Japan, and whether he had any allergies.

I was able to choose which of "Moderna", "Johnson & Johnson", and "Vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and Biontech" to receive the vaccination and immediately inoculate it.

Sakakura's group consists of five people, Johnson & Johnson, who only needs one inoculation.

One person was vaccinated with Moderna.

After the inoculation was over, the people at the venue were happy to be with "Yeah!", And it was impressive that they were warmly treated to themselves who came to receive the inoculation from abroad. I will.

Mr. Sakakura had previously investigated the local hospitals where Japanese doctors were located in case there were side reactions to the employees.

Fortunately, however, all six did not have a fever, and there were even some who said, "It hurts to raise the arm of the inoculated person."

"The best option for us"

The group has already completed their "employee trip" and returned to Japan.

Currently, all six people are living in isolation for 14 days at home.

Mr. Sakakura says that although travel costs are high, if the risk of infection for employees and customers who come to stores can be reduced at an early stage, the return will be great.

In addition, I saw many tourists and people living without masks in the United States, and I was able to witness the current situation of returning to before the spread of the new corona infection and realize the effect of vaccination. I emphasize that I can have hope in the future.

Mr. Go Sakakura

"I think some people may take our decision critically, but considering the safety and security of our customers and the safety of working employees and their families, we should go to the United States to vaccinate. Was the best option for me. "

Required "self-responsibility"

The travel industry is also trying to meet the demand for vaccinations in the United States.

Six travel agencies in Tokyo and Hokkaido will start selling "vaccination tours" to New York after the end of May.

If you participate alone, the price for 3 nights and 5 days starts from 470,000 yen excluding the ticket fee.

Experts want to be careful when it comes to vaccination abroad.

Nobuhiko Okabe, director of the Kawasaki City Institute of Health and Safety, a member of the government subcommittee

"First of all, there is a risk in travel itself. It does not mean that the infection situation in the United States is much better than in Japan."

Furthermore, regarding compensation for health damage caused by side reactions, in Japan there is a relief system in which the national government provides medical expenses, etc. under the "Vaccination Law", but if vaccinated overseas, it is not covered. I will point out.

Director Nobuhiko Okabe

"It is necessary to investigate what kind of treatment can be taken in the United States if any symptoms occur and what to do if you feel sick on an airplane." Self-responsibility "is strongly required. ing"

As the number of people who inoculate overseas is increasing, it seems necessary to carefully assess the risks as well as the benefits.

International Department Reporter

Yukari Kondo

Joined in 2009 After working at Morioka Station, Osaka Station, and International Broadcasting Station, he

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