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, we find today our meeting "La Bulle", which speaks about us, of oneself, of what goes… And what sometimes goes less well.

In this new episode, we talk about life and disease, laughter and fear of caregivers at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, in spring 2020. Caroline Estremo is a nurse on call at the Toulouse hospital, humorist, author , and has just published 

Salle de pause

(First editions, 14.95 euros).

A book in which the nurse-humorist looks back on her dual vocation, on her passage, since 2017, from the hospital to the stage.

And on this return to the hospital, "at the front", in the spring of 2020, during the first wave of Covid-19.

Laughter and fear

How and why do we put on the gown again, when we know little or nothing about a disease that kills several hundred people a day? How to keep smiling, treat and reassure patients, when you are afraid for yourself and your loved ones? What is the place of laughter in times of crisis? This is what Caroline Estremo reveals to us, with humor in this episode.

"When you're scared because you don't know how this virus works, and the patient is even more scared than you, that he sees you arrive in cosmonaut gear, what do we do?

The mask [of a quiet face].

While inside, we are there "damn, damn" ... ", says the thirty-something.

Caroline Estremo tells of the fears and laughter of everyday life, when an infected person sneezes on her bare arm, or her improvement of the technique of "nasal drilling" to perform nasopharyngeal tests ...


The nurse-humorist also tells about life outside the hospital, the upheaval and fear of infecting those close to her, the reactions of the public, such as a concert of applause and horns from the police in front of the hospital ... listen to Caroline Estremo, one click in the player above, via online listening platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcast, by searching for the

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