On the morning of the 17th, there was a fuss about 30 calves escaping from the ranch in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, but they were successfully captured.

Around 10:30 am on the 17th, police were informed that a calf had escaped from a ranch in Nasu Town.

According to police and ranches, 35 calves of dairy cows kept in the barn escaped, each measuring about 2 meters in length and weighing about 200 kilograms.

A rancher man who was caring for him loosened the chain that was holding the door in an attempt to help the calf caught between the barn pillar and the door, and the cow rushed open the door and bounced. Then the man fell and ran away one after another in the meantime.

After that, about 20 people including ranch officials and police officers captured the animals, and by about 1:30 pm, 35 of them had been returned to the ranch.

There were no accidents or injuries.

The calf that escaped was outsourced to this ranch by a livestock company and had just arrived at this ranch on June 12.

The site is a corner of the Nasu plateau, and is a district where houses and businesses are scattered in forests and farmlands.

Rancher "I'm relieved to find it"

Hidetoshi Iso, a 42-year-old rancher, said, "I couldn't beat the power of the cow that was surprised and scared. I was relieved to find the cow. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support. "