Chongqing women's "one-grain rice dumplings" became popular: the bag hurts, and thousands of them are not enough to sell!

  What else can a rice dumpling be used for besides eating?

A zongzi shop in Tongliang District of Chongqing gave a different answer: it can not only be stringed into bracelets and necklaces, but also can be hung as decorations.

  Such exquisite and festive "mini-pointed rice dumplings" became popular online for a while.

On June 14, Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter had a conversation with Zongzi Store owner Zhan Qiling.

At the age of 50, she has been in the store for seven years. At first, it was just to make it convenient for her 4-year-old daughter to eat zongzi, so the zongzi became smaller and smaller. Later, she was able to wrap a grain of rice into zongzi.

"My bag hurts in the past two days, and some people have made reservations. Today I only string 6 (bracelets), 14 each. It took me two hours. I am also very happy to see the tourists happy."

  A staff member of Anju Ancient Town in Tongliang told reporters that pocket-sized rice dumplings have now become a specialty of the ancient town. There are more than 10 shops that pack pocket-sized rice dumplings, but not many packs of rice. “Zhan Qiling’s house is more prominent. This is much more troublesome than packing normal rice dumplings, and then stringing them into a string. Many children and tourists look like they like them and they buy them and wear them on their bodies."

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter: How did you think of packing a grain of rice dumplings?

  Zhan Qiling: At first, I was a pocket-sized dumpling with a big finger.

About 7 years ago, when my youngest daughter was 4 years old, there were only a few dozen rice dumplings in the zongzi I wrapped for her, and that was purely for her to eat.

Later, I was seen by my neighbors and friends, and they all said that my zongzi is so small, delicious and beautiful, and they asked me to wrap it up and sell it.

I was still working at that time, so I thought I could give it a try, so I opened this zongzi shop.

Then I wondered if a few grains of rice could be wrapped?

Then I started to try, and I got the rice dumplings I have now.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter: What is the difference between the packaging method of a grain of rice dumplings and normal rice dumplings?

  Zhan Qiling: In fact, it is the same, but it requires a more careful and careful approach.

First cut the zong leaves into thin strips with a width of about 1 cm. Sometimes a normal zong leaf can cut 14 strips, which is enough for a bunch.

Then pour a grain of rice in with a spoon. The method of wrapping is the same, but you have to wrap it slowly and carefully, and then cut off the remaining zong leaves.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter: How much time do you usually spend preparing zongzi?

  Zhan Qiling: There are so many tourists in the past few days that I got up very early. I got up at 3:30 in the morning and started washing rice dumplings and rice.

I use hot water to wash rice water, and then I sit for four to five hours. After the package is over, I can rest and my family will sell it for me.

In the afternoon, I have to take the car for about 15 minutes to pick rice dumplings outside, and then continue to pack.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter: In addition to a grain of rice dumplings, which rice dumplings have you created?

How do you sell it?

  Zhan Qiling: A grain of rice is a bunch of 14 pieces, and the bunch sells for 10 yuan.

In addition, there are 3 grains of rice, 5 grains of rice, 7 grains of rice, and pocket-sized dumplings with big fingers, all of which are 10 yuan each.

The rest of the normal rice dumplings are divided into sweet and salty. There are 12 flavors, two for 5 yuan.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter: How about the sales of zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival?

  Zhan Qiling: I have to be busy until about 12 o'clock in the evening to close the stall for the past two days, and my hands hurt.

They can sell for about one or two thousand yuan a day. Everyone likes it very much, especially a grain of rice dumplings that can be sold out every time.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter: Some netizens think that a grain of rice dumplings is not suitable for consumption and is a bit wasteful. Why not just fill it empty?

  Zhan Qiling: Many people think that the mini rice dumplings are small and cute, and they are a little bit reluctant to eat them, so I wear them in skewers and hang them for sale. I don't want to sell them directly as decorations.

In addition, empty rice dumplings cannot be packaged. More importantly, I think that if there is no rice, they would not be called zongzi.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter: Has anyone learned from you how to make a grain of rice dumplings?

  Zhan Qiling: There are many people, such as my husband, who has never learned it because he is not careful enough, so he will pack normal rice dumplings. I pack small ones.

There are also many tourists who have seen it and will come to ask me how to make it. Every time I introduce them one by one the method of making zongzi.

There are many shops that run zongzi like me, and they have asked me about it. I am very happy to teach you, and I hope everyone can learn.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Luo Danni