China News Service, Xinzhou, June 16 (Reporter Li Tingyao and Yang Jieying) On June 16, the reporter learned from the site headquarters of the "6·10" flooding accident at Dahongcai Iron Mine, Dai County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. So far, 11 people have been found. Victims.

  On June 16, the rescue work of the "6·10" flooding accident in Dahongcai Iron Mine of Daixian County has completed the drainage work of the trapped people underground, and the search and rescue are continuing in the mud sand and gravel more than 3 meters deep.

Data map: On June 11, at the rescue site of the Dahongcai iron mine flooding accident in Daixian County, Xinzhou, Shanxi, rescuers performed drainage operations.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie

  Since June 15th, rescue work has encountered extreme difficulties. A large number of wires, detonators and explosives that have been laid and have not yet been detonated have been found on the working face of the tunnel head.

After repeated investigations and judgments on site by explosion-proof experts, they actively adopted risk reduction measures, strengthened on-site monitoring and guidance, and resumed rescue work in an orderly manner.

  At the same time, continuous rainfall in the area where the accident occurred began in the early morning of June 16, which also brought difficulties to rescue work.

  At present, the focus of rescue work is to eliminate hidden dangers in accordance with the determined EOD plan, while searching for the last two trapped people in the mud.

  On June 10, a water leakage accident occurred in the No. 4 shaft of Dahongcai Iron Mine in Nieying Town, Dai County, and 13 people were trapped.

It is understood that the preliminary work of the accident investigation has already started.