Recently, the 119 Command Center of the Fire Rescue Detachment of Dandong City, Liaoning Province received an alarm that a fire broke out in a gas tank on the 4th floor of a residential building in the old TV station district of Donggang City.

The command center immediately dispatched the Jiawu Street Fire Rescue Station, and 2 fire trucks and 10 firefighters rushed to the scene.

After arriving at the scene, investigations revealed that the gas tank in the house was spewing fire outwards, igniting some wooden cabinets near the stove, and no one was trapped.

On the one hand, the commanders at the scene immediately set up water gun positions to evacuate the people in the building; on the other hand, risking the danger of the gas tank exploding at any time, they picked up the fire-breathing gas tank and rushed outside the building.

When the gas tank was transferred to the third floor, a lady just came out of the house and was at a loss when she saw the fire-breathing gas tank.

The firefighters around him immediately stood in front of the old man to prevent him from being burned by the fire.

When the gas tank was transferred to the second floor, the temperature of the tank body gradually increased due to the flames burning for a long time. The firefighters had no choice but to change into a pair of firefighting gloves, continue to pick up the gas tank and rush downstairs, and then use the water gun The tank body undergoes cooling treatment.

It took the firefighters less than two minutes from lifting the gas tank to successfully transferring to a safe area.

(Reporter Yu Haiyang produced Le Xiaomin video source Dandong Fire Protection)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]