Sick for several years, the singer Françoise Hardy is increasingly rare publicly, but she gave a long interview to Current Woman, an interview by email, because as the magazine specifies: "her condition does not allow her to answer us. verbally ". From the first question, "How do you feel?" ", Françoise Hardy answers cash:" Close to the end ". She then returns to her health problems: serious otitis, tumor of the cavum, radio and immunotherapies, thyroid dysfunction ... "I have nothing that works normally since these therapies and my nights are worse than my days, she confides. . There is always worse than what one suffers from oneself, but that is no consolation. "

The 77-year-old singer also evokes euthanasia: “At the age of 15, I saw on television I do not know which film followed by a debate on euthanasia and I was immediately in favor of it - my mother too.

(…) Suffering from Charcot's disease, my mother was very lucky that her doctor found her a hospital doctor who euthanized her with my collaboration when she could not go further in this horrible incurable disease.

As far as I'm concerned, I would like to have this chance, but given my small notoriety, no one will want to run the risk of being removed from the medical order even more.

Do not suffer

Françoise Hardy did not take the steps to find someone who could help her leave in peace, and if so, she would not say so.

His only fear?

“The immense sorrow of the form of separation from the beings we love the most in the world that is death.

"Her son Thomas Dutronc" is very respectful and understanding on this level as on others, "she says.

As for Jacques Dutronc, they “agree on a lot of things and he doesn't want me to suffer in an inhuman way because of the consequences of too heavy treatment and of age.

Who would want that?



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