China News Service, Mianyang, June 16 (Reporter Yang Yong) In the early morning of June 16, Cao Shimin, head of the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Zitong County Public Security Bureau, Sichuan Province, suffered a sudden illness during the handling of the case. Frozen at the age of 45.

  At 22:30 on June 15th, Cao Shimin led a team from Xi’an, Shaanxi to escort the suspects who were suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities and returned to Zitong. He immediately supervised the suspects in the centralized case handling area of ​​the Public Security Bureau of the county, and checked the relevant evidence overnight. Fix it.

At 5 o'clock in the morning on June 16, Cao Shimin suffered a sudden illness at work and fell into the waiting room of the case handling area. After rescue, he died at 6:35.

  It is understood that since Cao Shimin joined the police for 23 years, he has worked in the police station, criminal investigation brigade, and economic investigation brigade in Yanting County and Zitong County. He has won the second-class merit once and the third-class merit once and won many awards. .