As a player, you take on the role of a kind of space dolphin that jumps between different abstract shapes.

It all takes place in a two-dimensional world drawn by hand by the artist Sara Sandberg.

- The fry is an abstract version of nature where you jump around between different bubbles and leaves and microorganisms in a single mess, says Nicklas Nygren.

A meditative gaming experience that can be adapted in difficulty to the player's needs.

The hope is to attract unfamiliar players.

- It is very easy in the simplest degree of difficulty and very challenging in the most difficult. 

Everything the player does becomes music

With the exception of Sara Sandberg's Joan Miró-like illustrations, Nicklas Nygren himself has built the entire game from the ground up.

Everything from programming to the music produced with his own music program and various pre-programmed music algorithms.  

- Everything the player does in the game becomes music.

All notes and melodies are chosen by what the player does and you become a co-composer of the music, he says.

Far from the commercial gaming world

Niffla's game concept is usually wayward creations.

His game series 


 took inspiration from Tove Jansson's story Who can comfort Knytt.

He is a good distance from the commercial gaming companies and many of his early games are available for free.  

Is it possible to make money on this type of game? 

- It is difficult, the market has so many incredible games now and you do not know what will work or not.

No matter what you do for games today, it's a gamble.

Then it is just as good to make the type of game you like.