Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen again encountered problems during the renovation of the museum.

The architects of the extension from 2003 sued the museum because they do not agree with the demolition of the glass wing.

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Arnout Groen, the lawyer of the Belgian architectural firm Robbrecht en Daem, will sue the museum in an attempt to prevent the demolition of the wing, according to



The architectural firm wants the museum to look for a different solution in which the extension is preserved and their design is treated with respect.

"Surely there must be a more intelligent way of dealing with the preservation of heritage?", says Paul Robbrecht.

At the end of May it was already announced that the renovation of the museum will take more than 2.5 years longer than planned.

The doors would actually remain closed until February 2026, but that will now last until November 2028. The costs also appear to be a lot higher.

The renovation and new construction plan will cost around 259 million euros, compared to 223.5 million euros at the end of last year.

In addition, it turned out that the new design by Francine Houben of architectural firm Mecanoo already had to be adapted considerably, because the protected cityscape would be affected. Until now, no official decision had been made about the side wing, but on Monday it was stated in a letter from the Rotterdam VVD alderman Bas Kurvers (Bouwen) that the wing cannot be preserved.

In the new plans, the glass facade would disappear in order to restore the original design by the architects Adriaan van der Steur (1935) and Alexander Bodon (1972). Robbrecht disagrees. "In our design we paid close attention to what was there and added an extra layer. The history of the museum building is one of layering. I am disappointed that the new design has not even looked at whether you can add something to that stratification. The preservation of the wing is not included in any of the proposals."