China News Service, Xinzhou, June 16 (Reporter Li Tingyao and Yang Jieying) On the evening of the 16th, the reporter learned from the site headquarters of the "6·10" flooding accident at Dahongcai Iron Mine, Dai County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. After more than 6 days of intense rescue work, All the remains of the 13 miners who died were lifted to the well, the accident rescue work was over, and the accident investigation began immediately.

Rescue scene of flooding accident at Dahongcai Iron Mine in Dai County, Xinzhou, Shanxi.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie

  During the entire rescue process, the Ministry of Emergency Management of China and the provinces, cities and counties urgently mobilized national mine emergency rescue teams such as Datong, Fenxi, Huayang, Dadi Special Investigation Team and Taigang Team, as well as Shanxi Armed Police and Fire Fighting. The rescue team has a total of 1084 people, 69 water pumps (sets), 18,000 meters of high-pressure drain pipes, life detectors, kayaks, diving equipment and other equipment to carry out rescue operations day and night. Logistic support and medical rescue work are carried out simultaneously.

According to statistics, the accumulated roadway drainage slope is 346.25 meters, and the underground water level drops vertically by 40.3 meters.

  The aftermath of the victims has begun. As of the evening of the 16th, the DNA inspection and identification of 11 victims have been completed.

  Up to now, the public security organs have criminally detained 13 suspects.

The accident investigation has been fully launched.

  On June 10, a flooding accident occurred in the No. 4 shaft of Dahongcai Iron Mine, Nieying Town, Dai County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, and 13 people were trapped.