Ukrainian police have announced that they have caught a group of hackers for conducting cyber attacks using ransom-type viruses in the United States and South Korea.

This group is also attacking overseas subsidiaries of Japanese medical device manufacturers, and it is awaited to clarify the whole picture.

The Ukrainian police have caught a group of hackers called "Crop", which is suspected of conducting cyber attacks using a ransomware virus called ransomware on multiple Korean companies and American universities. ..

A video released by Ukrainian police on the 16th shows an armed police officer rushing into a house in the capital Kiev and seizing a large number of wads, smartphones and luxury cars inside.

In addition to encrypting corporate data using ransomware, the hacker group "Crop" that was caught uses a method to threaten the company by publishing the stolen data to a dark site on the net in advance. Japanese medical device maker "Nipro" was also hit by an American subsidiary being attacked, and in April, the design drawings of medical devices were released.

The damage caused by cyber attacks using ransomware is spreading all over the world including Japan, and the FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation ransom in the case where the largest oil pipeline in the United States was attacked by another hacker group last month. The offense and defense of the criminal and the investigative agency are intensifying, such as regaining a part of.