Beijing Metro Daxing Airport Line and Capital Airport Line have all been equipped with all-in-one machines that provide voice ticketing functions. When boarding at the stations of these two lines, passengers only need to say the destination, and the machine can automatically recognize and jump out of the price.

  On the morning of June 15th, Wang Ping, head of Caoqiao Station on Daxing Airport Line of Beijing Rail Transit Operation Management Co., Ltd., demonstrated the voice ticket purchase method for passengers.

The reporter saw that the entire process from clicking the voice ticket purchase button on the screen to popping out the payment QR code takes only about ten seconds.

  In addition, passengers can also experience the route planning function through voice ticket purchase.

When the passenger tells the destination of the ticket vending machine, the system will intelligently recommend the subway station within 1.5 kilometers of the destination, and the background will plan up to 5 bus routes for the passengers to refer to and choose.

If the route includes the Daxing Airport Line, you can directly purchase a ticket for the Daxing Airport Line.

(Produced by Xu Jing and Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]