Network literature becomes the source of water for the digital cultural industry

  On June 3, the 6th Reading Original IP Ceremony was held in Shanghai.

The ceremony announced the annual blockbuster original IP list, including annual theme works, annual overseas works, annual adaptation expected works, etc.

The newly released "Xinhua·Cultural Industry IP Index Report" shows that the current Chinese Internet native IP is rising, potential writers and high-quality works continue to emerge. At the same time, the network literature IP incubation concentration effect is strengthened, injecting new vitality into the development of the industry.

  According to Xia Lie, deputy dean of the Chinese Writers Association's Network Literature Research Institute, in recent years, network literature has shown the characteristics of diversified themes and continued widening of the boundaries of creative content.

"Online literary works have taken the mainstream from the early days of fantasy, fairy tales, and cultivation, to urban, online games, sci-fi and other themes, and now a variety of themes are blooming, forming fantasy, fantasy, martial arts, fairy tales, urban, reality, etc. Science fiction, romance, history, games, sports, suspense reasoning, light novels, and more than 20 major genres, more than 200 content categories." Xia Lie said.

  According to Xia Lie's observation, today's online literature creation not only contains the spirit of the times, but also carries Chinese stories, and has become a Chinese cultural symbol with global influence.

For example, this year's top ten most popular work on male channels (with male audiences), "The Secret Master", created a global online literature subscription record during the serialization period, with a total reading volume of 25 million times, and was sought after by readers worldwide.

In terms of overseas original creation, Webnovel has launched more than 200,000 overseas original works. The content is deeply influenced by Chinese culture and contains Chinese elements such as struggle, passion, respect for teachers, and so on.

The annual overseas work "My Vampire System" draws on the creative techniques of Chinese online literature and becomes the most popular overseas original work in 2020.

  In the opinion of Wang Xiang, a researcher at Lu Xun College of Literature, this excellent work shows the creator's outstanding creative talents and presents a splendid literary landscape.

"For example, "Lord of the Secrets", "Starting from the Red Moon" and "First Sequence" are all mythological narratives. They use novel symbolic systems to express the spiritual dilemma of modern humans. There are also some Internet writers who follow the lines of "Journey to the West" and " "The Lord of the Rings" has a creative tradition and constantly devotes itself to mythological creation."

  At present, the original IP of online literature, with its rich content reserves, diverse narrative categories, and lower creation cost advantages, has laid a good foundation for the adaptation of other art forms and has become a source of living water for the digital cultural industry.

According to the "Development for High-Quality: 2017-2018 IP Evaluation Report" released by the Liaowang Think Tank, among the 274 domestic Internet cultural IPs in that year, the original IP of online literature accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 27.7%.

  Xia Lie believes that a large number of excellent online literature masterpieces with extensive influence will continue to emerge, which will effectively promote the reform, transformation and upgrading of the downstream cultural industry with online literature as the core source, improve the quality and growth rate, and form a positive interaction for diversified and coordinated development.

"The festival showcased the IP development forms of online literature such as publishing, comics, animation, games, and film and television. It can be seen that the IP ecological chain is becoming more and more perfect, and the vitality of the industry with IP as the core production method has been fully activated. Network literature works continue to be developed with the help of IP The vitality of works, the promotion of content influence, and the organic unity of social value and economic benefits have become the growth engine of the digital cultural industry." Xia Lie said.

  "I hope to encourage creators to have more good stories in their writings in the future; I also hope that these good stories can be further explored inside and outside the industry, so that they can break ground from the text and give more to them through different forms. People bring vivid and lively experiences. Only by allowing good stories to flow continuously and endlessly, can we truly cheer for'good stories'.” said Hou Xiaonan, vice president of Tencent's platform and content business group.

  Kang Yan