We breathe a little.

The situation on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic continues to improve in the Nord department.

According to the prefecture, one of the main indicators scrutinized, the incidence rate, has just fallen below the alert threshold.

"Over the last seven days, the incidence rate of the Covid-19 virus in the North has fallen below the alert threshold set at 50 new cases per 100,000 people", welcomes the prefecture.

The department had not experienced such a low level since September 2020. Proof of a clear decline in the epidemic, the incidence rate was still 86 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants just two weeks ago.

No deaths in one day, unheard of for six months

The North is one of the departments with the most deaths linked to Covid-19, 3,831 since March 2020. Here too, the trend is clearly downward.

June 13 was the first day in six months without the death of an infected person.

Two deaths were reported by hospitals the next day.

As of Monday, 658 Covid patients were still hospitalized in the department.

Of these, 151 are in critical care wards, including eight new admissions for Monday alone.

In terms of vaccination, the North is not lagging behind.

This week, 46.9% of Northerners had received a first dose, nearly two points better than the national average.

Less than 500,000 people are fully vaccinated, which represents only 22% of the inhabitants of the North (23% nationally).


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