People who refrain from going out due to corona illness say that they are more likely to suffer from heat stroke due to muscle loss, and a group of medical professionals is calling for them to start exercising before the heat gets into full swing. I am.

The call is made by a group of doctors and nurses who are familiar with heat stroke.

According to the group, muscles play a role in storing water, so if you lose muscle mass due to lack of exercise, you are more likely to get dehydrated and your risk of heat stroke increases.

On the other hand, fat has less water than muscle, and people who have gained weight by refraining from going out due to corona sickness need to be especially careful.

To prevent heat stroke, it is important to exercise from this time to build muscle and get used to the heat. People aged 18 to 64 can breathe twice a week. I want you to try to do sweaty exercise for about 30 minutes.

“Tell me! Many. I want you to exercise while being careful about your physical condition. "