Period panties are increasingly used instead of classic napkins, tampons and other cups.

But should we use them?

According to an obstetrician gynecologist interviewed by Europe 1, this new kind of protection has many advantages, both in terms of health and the environment, since they are reusable.

They have been enjoying growing success for some time: period panties.

But should we abandon the classic towels, tampons and other cups and opt for this new intimate hygiene tool?

This is the question asked by Pauline, a listener of "Sans Rendez-vous".

It must be said that panties have "several advantages" recalls "Juju la gygy", an obstetrician gynecologist who wishes to be mentioned under a pseudonym.

First of all, these new kind of menstrual pads are good for the environment for the simple reason that they are reusable after washing.


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Protection that limits health risks

"But they are also better for the health for two reasons", indicates the specialist.

“The first is that they do not contain plastic, and therefore no endocrine disruptors that can be dangerous for health. The second is that the period panties are an external protection to the body. menstruation, a very serious pathology. "

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Prefer brands that play on transparency

Still, these panties still have one drawback: they require maintenance. It is thus necessary "to make them disgorge before washing them", explains "Juju la gygy" at the microphone of Europe 1. And if the latter does not have menstrual panties to advise, she invites women who want to take the plunge to prefer products from brands that play the card of transparency, as much "on the manufacture, as on the fabric and the materials used". In any case, "the craze around period panties is a sign that women want to control their health, while respecting the environment". Very good news, according to this specialist.