Laeticia Hallyday may have found love again since the death of Johnny, she has not forgotten the one she says "to love forever".

In a touching Instagram post, the widow of the youth idol celebrated her birthday.

“It's not a day like any other, it never has been.

How many memories, parties, music and love on June 15 to celebrate you.

Tears mingled with joy today in a pure sky, one star will shine brighter than the others in the firmament.

It will light up the hearts of millions of people at the same time and ours in particular.

It will remind us that you are there, with us, for eternity.

Happy birthday my love, ”she posted.

A road trip in tribute to the singer

In story, Laeticia Hallyday also reveals that she undertook this Monday with her daughters a road trip in tribute to the singer.

For this trip, Jalil Lespert, her current companion, who has not yet left her for several months, is not on the party, but she is still well surrounded.

In addition to her daughters, Jade and Joy, she took on board Prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy as well as Nadia Lanfranconi, an Italian actress.

As a bonus, we also discover that the widow of Taulier invited Michael-Sean Klemeniuk, Jade's boyfriend!

And the mother seems to validate this touching relationship, since she does not hesitate to post videos where we can see them entwined and very in love, while the title

I promise you



It is also this music that she has chosen to illustrate a tribute video where she poses facing the sea with her two daughters in her arms, obviously moved.

Johnny Hallyday succumbed on December 5, 2017 to a long fight against cancer.

This June 15, 2021, the legendary singer would have been 78 years old.


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