Jonathan Mannion, who took the photos for JAY-Z's debut album

Reasonable Doubt

(1996), is being sued by the rapper.

According to


, the photographer would

use and sell

the images

on his website without permission.

In addition, Mannion also sells merchandise featuring the photos.

JAY-Z says he has not authorized the use of the photos on Mannion's website and the merchandise and photos are being sold without his approval.

Mannion would charge thousands of dollars for some of the photos.

The rapper contacted Mannion, but he only wanted to stop the sale if he received a million dollar amount from JAY-Z.

The photographer would believe that he can do whatever he wants with the images, because he made them.

"It's ironic that a photographer sees photos of a previously unknown black teen, who is now hugely successful, as property he wants to completely exploit. As far as I'm concerned, this ends immediately," JAY-Z said in his indictment.

JAY-Z demands that Mannion stop selling the photos and merchandise. The rapper also demands the proceeds of the photos and merchandise.