For the past few days, in Nice, several squares in the eastern part of the Cimiez cemetery have been no longer accessible.

Grids bar the passage leading in particular to the burials of the painter Raoul Dufy and the writer Roger Martin du Gard.

The town hall decided to do so until the little gulls leave their nests.

A couple of birds has indeed chosen to settle on the roof of the adjacent monastery, where three eggs have hatched, specifies the municipality at

20 Minutes

, confirming information from



Since the town hall learned of their presence in May, and since these protected birds can be threatening to protect their offspring, measures have been taken.

The situation should return to normal "when the little ones fly on their own", that is to say "a priori at the end of June or the beginning of July", further specifies the town hall.


Why are gulls targeted on the Riviera coast?


The Promenade des Anglais deserted during the first confinement, a gull settles there (quiet) to incubate its eggs

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