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“Al Quoz” .. Creative models in different fields

  • The Al Quoz area in Dubai is home to creatives from different cultures and nationalities.


  • Salem bin Ghalita and Ali Khalifa opened their store in 2018. From the source

  • Rami Badawi chose Al Quoz for his project, in which he bet on healthy eating patterns.

    From the source


The Al Quoz area in Dubai embraces creators of different cultures and nationalities, who contribute daily to writing success stories that have transformed this area into a center for the arts, with the achievements they have added, each in their field of specialization, and the creativity they have planted in its land, which they harvested and are still reaping its ripe fruits.

Stemming from its role as a supporter of the creative community in the emirate, the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture” is keen to tell some of these stories in order to promote the concepts of creativity, innovation and distinction among members of society, and to inspire aspirants to take practical steps towards the future and achieve achievements through which they contribute to enriching the arena Creativity in the emirate.

street culture

In November 2018, Salem Bin Ghalita (Owner) and Ali Khalifa (Partner) opened YouTuberfly in Al Quoz to sell sports shoes. About those beginnings, they say: “We wanted to create a different retail shopping experience, something unique and directly connected to street culture, which is why we chose a warehouse and turned it into a sports shoe store. Our goal was to create our own community, so we built a small basketball court, and a hall so people could come and hang out without having to buy any of our products. Today, our warehouse has become a popular destination for people in Dubai.” Bin Ghalita and Khalifa indicated that the boom of creative businesses in the Al Quoz area allowed them to expand and open another franchise branch in the Dar Wasl Shopping Building and a store in Abu Dhabi, noting that the initiative to transform Al Quoz into a creative area will help highlight and enhance their experience. And they said:“Our experience is different, and cannot be replicated in a mall, given our focus on organic growth, we had a hard time attracting customers in the beginning and had to work hard to establish our name, brand and store as a destination. Through Al Quoz Creative Initiative, we expect more momentum and more visitors and people to discover this area.”

They stressed that Expo 2020 will also reflect positively on businesses in the region, as the exhibition and Al Quoz Creative share a creative approach to future ideas.

Feeding patterns

Inspired by the diversity, innovation and originality that characterizes Dubai, Rami Badawi opened “For the love of bread” bakery in Al Quoz, to provide those who prefer healthy eating patterns, healthy bread made using natural yeast.

Regarding the choice of the area as the headquarters of the bakery, Badawi said: “The main advantage that Al Quoz enjoys is its easy accessibility from various areas of Dubai, as well as Abu Dhabi, in addition to the affordable rents in the area.”

Badawi aspires to become a preferred brand in the bakery category, offering high quality bread to the largest possible number of people at reasonable prices, and sees Al Quoz as a way to achieve this goal.

“As Dubai and the UAE look towards building a more sustainable economy, I think more entrepreneurs will look to establish their businesses in Al Quoz for the same reasons that motivated us to do so,” he says.

Badawi believes that Dubai's creative economy strategy will contribute to creating a larger customer base for the bakery, hoping to be able to use the bakery's website in multiple ways.

“Currently regulations do not allow us to use our production space for retail, and we think it would be a great addition to the area if people could come and see how our bread is made and enjoy the innovative dishes that can be made from it,” he explains.

creative economy

The Al Quoz Creative District development project aims to transform the district into a platform for the creative economy, a preferred destination in Dubai, and a dynamic space for living, working, entertainment and education.

In addition to what has been accomplished in the Al Quoz area so far, Al Quoz Creative will add a special splendor and identity to the flourishing cultural and creative scene in the emirate, and will play a vital role in increasing the momentum of the public's visit to companies operating in the field of creative industries in the region, and attracting more companies and entrepreneurs creators.

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