The hit historical drama won three awards from Magnolia, and the long tail effect appeared, which was loved by young audiences. The "New Youth" canvas bags were out of stock.

"The Age of Awakening" Brings Fire to Beijing Lu Xun Museum Cultural Creation

  A few days ago, at the 27th Shanghai TV Festival and Magnolia Awards, "Awakening Age" won three awards for Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay.

On February 1, 2021, "The Awakening Age" premiered on CCTV. This is the first TV series to show the historical process of the New Culture Movement, the May Fourth Movement, and the founding of the Communist Party of China in a panoramic manner. With the second and third rounds of the drama , The long tail effect has appeared in the past two months.

Many viewers have spontaneously become the "tap water" of "Awakening Age", and the plot and casting of "Awakening Age" are put on the hot search every three times.

There are also many young people who check in the old sites and museums related to the New Culture Movement, and promote the "New Youth" derivatives as Internet celebrity surroundings.

  How popular is "Awakening Age"?

Why does the audience admire it so much?

The Beijing News conducted a random survey of the audience of "Awakening Age" and visited places where these audiences like to go to check-in.

  ■ Audience survey

  80% of the audience will read "The Awakening Age" for the second time

  Nearly 130 days have passed since the premiere of "Awakening Age".

As of June 10, the drama has 1.47 billion Weibo topics, a Douban score of 9.3, and 150 related hot topics. It may be hard for the outside world to imagine that such a sustainable popularity will appear in a current main theme gift work.

In contrast, the 2017 annual hit drama "The Name of the People" has so far received 2.71 billion views on Weibo topics, with a Douban score of 8.3.

  Why do audiences love "The Awakening Age"?

The Beijing News randomly surveyed 171 viewers of The Age of Awakening.

When it comes to the reasons for liking this show, more than 60% of the audience believe that the show is well-produced and serves to restore the path, bringing the young people closer to history.

More than 50% of the audience agree that the characters portrayed in "Awakening Age" are flesh and blood, and the image of great men is no longer superior.

  The director of the play Zhang Yongxin once wrote that "The Awakening Age" will restore the historical figures involved in the play from the names in the books to flesh and blood individuals.

While preserving their identity and characteristics as revolutionaries and politicians, they start with details and portray them as ordinary people.

For example, Li Dazhao’s warmth with his wife and children, Chen Duxiu’s sincere and simple love between his father and his son..."The pyrotechnic details avoid the flattening of the characters, and the character and temperature make the narrative more real and richer. People in the play It is no longer aloof, but respectable and lovely, which can arouse a high degree of empathy from the audience and thus resonate.

  The long-tail effect of "Awakening Age" is not only reflected in hot searches. After watching the show, 62% of the audience said that they would pay more attention to reports on party history in their daily lives; nearly 55% of the audience would specifically read historical books and materials. Trying to have a more comprehensive understanding of the historical details of the New Culture Movement and the founding of the party; at the same time, more than half of the audience will read the autobiography and works of related historical figures.

More than 80% of the audience firmly stated that they would definitely do it twice.

  ■ Visit Lu Xun Museum

  Wenchuang became "net celebrity", "Awakening Age" drives sales

  One day before the Dragon Boat Festival, reporters from the Beijing News passed through the winding road at Gongmenkou Hutong and came to Beijing Lu Xun Museum (Beijing New Culture Movement Memorial Lu Bo Pavilion Area) (hereinafter referred to as "Lu Xun Museum"). The students who finished are taking pictures at the door.

They said that they decided to visit the Lu Xun Museum before the exam.

But more importantly, they are looking forward to visiting Lu Xun's bookstore to collect the rumored "Awakening Age" internet celebrity surroundings.

  The so-called "net celebrity peripherals" refer to "New Youth" and Lu Xun-related cultural and creative products, including canvas bags printed on the cover of "New Youth", notebooks with the words "New Youth", as well as stickers of Lu Xun's famous quotes, printed with Lu Xun The pencil bag with the title of the work, the postcard with the cover of Lu Xun’s hand-painted novel, etc.

These products are becoming "pop culture" on a social platform and are sought after by countless young people.

Audiences who love "Awakening Age" called it "the hardest perimeter", and said that "as long as you see the same style on the street, you must call sisters."

  The reporter met Zhang Wenjie, who is in charge of cultural and creative work in the Lu Xun Museum Park.

Zhang Wenjie said that the so-called "Internet celebrity surroundings" are not actually official derivatives of "Awakening Age", but cultural and creative products produced by the Lu Xun Museum since 2016, mainly using "New Youth" and Mr. Lu Xun's works as design ideas.

However, the popular broadcast of "Awakening Age" has driven young people's enthusiasm for the new youth cultural and creative products and the understanding of the new cultural movement.

"Before there were a lot of people coming on holidays, and most of them were parents with their children, or schools, company groups. But now there are more young individual visitors." In recent months, many foreign and even overseas audiences have contacted Zhang Wenjie , I hope to buy these cultural and creative products online.

It is reported that the day before the reporter's visit, most of the cultural and creative products in the store had been out of stock for a few days.

  Zhang Wenjie said, "The Age of Awakening awakens the memory that everyone has gradually forgotten. With the various activities of the party's centuries, I believe that young people will become more aware of the importance of this period of history and the heat will continue."

  Written by/Beijing News reporter Zhang He