Comprehensive investigation of gas and other potential safety hazards Wuhan acted immediately

  If rectification is not in place, stop gas supply in accordance with laws and regulations

  Being prepared for danger in times of time, only by weaving a strong safety production network can the city's safety and stability and the safety of people's lives and property be guaranteed.

  Wuhan acted immediately, and a large-scale investigation of various potential safety hazards in the city's gas and other fields was launched.

  ■ Hidden hazard investigation "from side to corner"

  Start the safety investigation as soon as possible

  "Do not use gas away from people, close the valve after use, and place ventilation." In the morning, the Urban Management Squadron of Junshan Street, Wuhan Economic Development Zone investigated the Junshan area one by one and found one case of bottled gas leakage. The gas company was on site. Complete rectification.

Until the evening, 125 gas-using units, 1 gas supply point, and 2 natural gas stations were investigated in the jurisdiction, and 2 potential safety hazards were investigated and rectified.

  On the afternoon of the 13th, the office of the Wuhan Municipal Gas Safety Production Professional Committee issued an emergency notice requesting that the city's gas industry gas supply facilities and gas supply and use places safety inspections and rectifications should be carried out. "If there are hidden dangers, they will not be rectified or the rectifications are not in place and no safety measures will be taken. If the gas supply is to be stopped in accordance with laws and regulations."

  "Hidden hazard investigation must go to the corner!" On the evening of the 13th, after listening to the emergency video conference on safety production work in the province, our city immediately held a meeting to deploy safety production work and issued an "emergency notice on effectively doing the current work safety work." ", the city quickly organized and carried out a large-scale investigation of potential safety hazards in key areas such as gas, and a special action for rectification and reform.

  The fuel management department went to restaurants to check gas, the fire department went to the shopping mall to check the use of gas for fire prevention, the urban construction department checked the construction site, and the housing management department checked the hidden fire safety hazards... On the 13th, a large-scale investigation of hidden safety hazards was carried out overnight in the city.

  "Immediately determine the person responsible for the rectification, determine the rectification measures, determine the completion time of the rectification, and determine the acceptance of the rectification." Regarding the hidden safety hazards identified, our city issued a notice request, using four "immediately" to highlight the urgency of this work, and emphasized : "If the rectification can be done immediately, the rectification must be done immediately; if the rectification cannot be done immediately, the safety control measures must be taken before the rectification."

  At 10 am on the 14th, our city held an enlarged meeting of the Urban Gas Safety Production Committee to deploy the city's gas safety work.

At present, there are 88 gas supply companies in the city, natural gas pipeline length of 16,000 kilometers, 64 natural gas field stations, 377 liquefied gas field stations, 78 car filling stations, about 1.5 million steel cylinders in use, and 4.63 million gas users. Household.

"The string of safety production must be tightened, and the red line of gas safety supervision must be firmly adhered to!"

  ■ Small problems are big hidden dangers

  Unannounced visits by the 14-way inspection team

  During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, more than 600 gas workers stick to their posts, linemen continue to inspect pipelines, and repair teams are on standby for 24 hours to ensure the safe and stable use of gas by the general public.

  At the same time, gas supply companies such as WISCO Jiangnan Chimbusco Company and Wuhan China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. have carried out investigations on the safety of gas supply facilities and gas supply and use places, and educate residents about gas safety tips.

For problems discovered during the security check, a notice of rectification of hidden dangers shall be issued and rectification shall be made in a timely manner.

  "Small problems are big hidden dangers." On the 14th, the city's safety production inspection organized a total of 14 inspection teams to take unannounced visits and unannounced inspections to comprehensively inspect all industries, all government agencies, enterprises, institutions, and densely populated places in the city.

  As of 1 p.m. on the 14th, the city had investigated 993 companies, 2481 people participated in the inspections, 1144 general hidden dangers were investigated, 786 general hidden dangers were rectified, 122 rectification orders were issued, 2 cases of violations of laws and regulations were investigated, and people who violated laws and regulations were investigated and dealt with 41 people.

  According to the Office of the Municipal Committee of Gas Safety Production in Urban Areas, the current situation of gas safety in our city is still severe and there are some outstanding problems.

At the end of September, the renovation and upgrading of 68 storage and distribution stations and 309 supply points were completed. At the end of October, the construction plan and road map of the “one network” for natural gas were clarified, and a leading bottled gas enterprise was established.

 ■ Learn from one another and consolidate responsibilities

  Safety investigations do not miss all kinds of weak links

  There is no small matter in safe production.

Not only in the field of gas safety, our city draws inferences from one another, compacts responsibilities, and comprehensively investigates various safety hazards.

  "Where is the oil in the oil depot? Is it someone on duty?" On the afternoon of the 14th, the person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Bureau asked about the oil depot in detail on the deck of the Zhongchang Fuel Wuhan Xinwuli Water Gas Station, and asked what was found during the preliminary third-party inspection The rectification of 7 hidden dangers carried out a "look back", requiring companies to form a closed loop of rectification of hidden dangers to ensure production safety.

  "What is the material of the reconstructed natural gas pipeline? Where is the progress?" On the morning of the 14th, the Dongxihu District Housing Management Department made a detailed inquiry to the Seaview Garden Community. There are 60 houses in the community, involving 2,604 households, and the construction of houses has been nearly completed. 20 years.

Currently, the old facilities in the community are being upgraded and reconstructed, and the housing management department urges property companies to take on-site safety precautions.

  In accordance with the unified deployment of the city, in addition to the gas field, the large-scale investigation also highlights key industries such as construction, old communities, road transportation and rail transportation, to ensure no loopholes, no blind spots, and no dead ends.

  From the evening of the 13th to the 14th, Wuchang District continued to investigate various safety hazards overnight. As of press time, a total of 16 companies and transportation units, hundreds of small restaurants, 4 general hazards were investigated, and 4 hidden hazards were rectified. Collect 6 unqualified bottles of liquefied petroleum gas.

Dongxihu District went to key locations such as industrial parks (logistics parks), construction sites, and old communities to conduct safety rectification supervision and inspections, and organized emergency drills to ensure that the safety inspections were effective.

  The security investigation is a demonstration of speed and strength, and it is also a demonstration of the city's modern governance capabilities.

This work has received positive responses from many companies.

  “The hotels have posted posters and diagrams showing related knowledge about fire protection and safe use of gas, reminding employees to always pay attention to gas fire safety.” On the 14th, Liu Guoliang, Chairman of the Little Blue Whale Hotel, introduced that the hotel will focus on contacting and collecting scientific and advanced intelligence in the near future. We will seek cooperation with relevant protection and early warning companies to “fully armed” the restaurant to prevent problems before they occur.

  After signing a letter of responsibility and eliminating potential safety hazards, Wuhan star-rated hotels quickly checked fire safety.

All-round inspection of key facilities and equipment in Hongshan Hotel, so that every employee can establish a "red line awareness" of safety in production; summer hotel fire drills at Howard Johnson Pearl Hotel in Jiangcheng, re-inspection of gas, boilers, fire protection, food hygiene, etc. And work deployment.

  The whole city is actively taking action to comprehensively strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in a spirit of being highly responsible for the safety of the people's lives and property to protect the safety of the city.

  Changjiang Daily reporter Chen Yongquan