This week the temperature first drops and then rises, the highest temperature will reach 34℃

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhao Tingting) A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Meteorological Observatory that the weather in Beijing today is mainly cloudy, with showers or thunderstorms in the mountainous areas, and the highest temperature during the day is 32°C.

There will be light rain in this city around tomorrow, and the temperature will drop. By the weekend, the temperature will rise to about 34°C.

  According to specific forecasts, Beijing will turn cloudy during the day. There will be showers or thundershowers in the mountainous areas. The wind will turn from north to south with two or three winds and a maximum temperature of 32℃.

Affected by precipitation, the air humidity is relatively high. There may be light fog over Beijing this morning. During the morning rush hour, citizens should pay attention to control the speed, drive carefully, and pay attention to traffic safety.

  After the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, affected by the cold air, the city will have light rain around tomorrow, and the temperature will drop. The highest temperature tomorrow is expected to be only 28°C.

On June 17, the northerly wind was more pronounced, and the meteorological department reminded the public to pay attention to nowcasting in time and pay attention to wind protection when traveling.

From Friday to Sunday, the weather is mainly partly cloudy. The highest temperature during the day is between 33°C and 34°C, and the lowest temperature at night is 20°C.

  The Meteorological Department reminded that after the summer, rainfall will become more frequent and convective weather will increase. Citizens are requested to pay attention to the approaching weather forecast and warning information in time. Take precautions and pay attention to travel safety, especially when going out to mountainous areas.