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9 minutes ago

Neglected account

Sanne Vogel has been a bit more absent from social media lately and that is causing concern among her followers.

The actress reassures her fans: her family had more priority for a while.

"Finding out together with Melchior how we can run this household of Jan Steen as effectively as possible," says Vogel, who, together with her boyfriend, is the parents of twins of one and a half years.

“Slowly, everything starts to fall into place and things are more and more natural.”

2 hours ago

Holiday, but still at home

Nikkie de Jager is currently enjoying a well-deserved holiday, together with her fiancé Dylan.

"Wherever we are, I feel at home with you", the Songfestival presenter writes.

5 hours ago

Kim congratulates boyfriend Chris

Chris Appleton, the hairstylist and one of Kim Kardashian's best friends, has a birthday on Monday.

The reality star congratulates her boyfriend with a series of photos on



"A friend who always encourages me to try new hairstyles. You just get me," writes Kardashian.

5 hours ago

8 hours ago

Dave Roelvink is disappointed with a leak in the house

Monday mornings are usually not the easiest mornings, but for Dave Roelvink and his pregnant girlfriend this morning was also thoroughly ruined by a leak in their house.

On Instagram, Roelvink indicates that he is very disappointed.

The couple will be in the middle of repairs for the next three days.

10 hours ago

Luiz Mother

-cast mag feature film already

Ordinary moviegoers will likely have to wait until the end of July to film adaptation of the popular series

The lice mother

to see.

However, the cast of the film was already allowed to watch it during a special screening.

Actress Jennifer Hoffman says on Instagram that it was a very nice preview.

13 hours ago

No partner, but friends

The participants of 

Married At First Sight

do not all stay married, but they do have friends as a result.

Rein, Monique, Sylvia and Bert are having dinner together to celebrate their friendship.

17 hours ago

Welcome to the family

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick say they have expanded the family: the couple has two more goats.

The animals are called Hocus and Little Man.

yesterday at 5:57 pm

Olcay Gulsen finds surprise in suitcase

Olcay Gulsen is on holiday to Turkey with her mother and sisters.

Her friend Ruud de Wild misses her very much, and put a surprise in her suitcase.

"My dearest, there you go. Have a nice holiday with mom and the girls," says De Wild on a handwritten note.

"So missing is also a beautiful thing."

yesterday at 15:09

Bridget Maasland and brother are vaccinated together

Bridget Maasland and her brother Bryan have both been vaccinated today, the presenter shares on Instagram.

"Don't feel anything," she captioned the photo.

The two did not speak for years, but have re-established contact.

During the first months of the corona crisis, they took care of their parents' gift shop together, Maasland previously told NU.nl.

yesterday at 15:09

Saturday at 06:18


Sex and the City

reunited for reboot

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis have started initial preparations for the reboot of

Sex and the City

that is made for HBO Max.

"Together again," Parker writes with a photo of the three actresses.

Friday at 12:41

Kate Middleton can't wait

Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, was asked during a press conference on Friday about her niece Lili, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

"I can't wait to meet her," said the Duchess of Cambridge.

"I hope that will happen soon."

Friday at 10:56

Gigi and daughter breathe summer in

Gigi Hadid and her daughter Khai enjoys a cooling dip in the water.

"Breathe the summer," the model writes with a photo of herself and Khai, who was born in September last year.

Friday at 06:46

Touched by reactions

Fidan Ekiz says she was overwhelmed by all the reactions she received to the news that she was forced to leave

De Vooravond


"So touched," the presenter tweeted.

Overwhelmed by the countless sweet, uplifting and warm reactions on twitter, insta, mail and app following the disappearance of De Vooravond.

So touched.



AuthorFidanEkizMoment of places22: 28 - June 10, 2021

Friday at 06:00

Britney is a snake

Britney Spears, who regularly shares her painting skills on Instagram, has also taken up drawing.

She had her creation analyzed by a friend, who concludes that Spears is "looking for a jungle".

But there is something else behind it, the singer explains.

"Last week I wore a snake costume for Pride Month."

So Spears has subconsciously put himself on paper.

Thursday at 20:00 om

Frans and Mariska Bauer proud of successful son

Not only was there something to celebrate in the king's house on Friday, one of Frans and Mariska Bauer's children also passed.

Son Jan was told on Friday that he has obtained his VWO diploma.

His parents proudly share the news on Instagram.

Jan himself also shares a photo.

"Hoppa, vwo in the pocket", he writes.

"Proud of you," his mother responds.

Thursday at 20:00 om

Thursday at 14:10

Amalia passed her VWO final exam on Thursday.

Cum laude even, and that's why the princess hangs out her flag.

Princess Amalia passed and is hanging out the flag

Thursday at 10:00

Dennis Weening and daughter listen to metal in the car

Driving can be a pain when your children are allowed to control what music is played.

Unless the kids have the same taste in music as their parents and that seems to be the case with Dennis Weening and his daughter Charlie.

On Instagram you can see how father and daughter enjoy a game of metal.

"And the time of K3 is really over," the presenter writes.

Wednesday at 20:35

Surrounded by dishcloths

Jim Bakkum and Bettina Holwerda have been married for ten years on Thursday.

The musical actress looks back on Instagram.

"Ten years ago Jim was now with his parents, in his parental home and I was alone in a hotel room. Voluntary by the way, I love being alone, especially in exciting situations. And I found it exciting, because it was the night before our wedding. Now, ten years later, we are surrounded by children's drawings, dishcloths and even more chaos than then."

Wednesday at 17:10

Carlo Boszhard will record a promo for the new season of

Married at First Sight

on Wednesday


The presenter has to miss out with a bow and arrow - just like Cupid during the past seasons of the dating program, in which no long-term loves arose - but shoot right through the balloon.

Much to Boszhard's delight, who hadn't seen this coming.

Carlo Boszhard makes 'blunder' during recordings Married at First Sight

Wednesday at 15:03

Wendy van Dijk back on the road with Mari van de Ven

Wendy van Dijk will be working with Mari van de Ven, her regular makeup artist, on Wednesday.

The presenter does not say which project the two are on the road for.

"Together with sweet support and rock Mari", Van Dijk writes with a photo of the two.

Wednesday at 10:10

British Princess Eugenie shares first video of baby August

British Princess Eugenie has shared a video of her son August for the first time.

The 31-year-old princess posted her son's video on Instagram in honor of World Ocean Day.

The video shows the boy cuddling with a plush shark in his rocking chair.

It is also the first time that the almost four-month-old August can be heard.

"On World Ocean Day, we celebrate our beautiful oceans and everything that lives in them," Eugenie captioned the video.

"A day to raise awareness for something so important and a day to cuddle with fluffy sharks."

Wednesday at 10:10

Wednesday at 07:02

Leco van Zadelhoff shares declaration of love

During a dinner on holiday, Leco van Zadelhoff thought it was time to make a declaration of love to his partner Carlos: "Thank you nice man, always nice, always nice, always cheerful, always in a good mood, always a good view on people always with that right leg out of bed. I try to learn from it, but I always love you. On vacation, at home. Always!"

Wednesday at 06:40

Nikkie Plessen with staff to Ibiza

The fashion entrepreneur has taken her staff on a "delicious, cozy and well-deserved trip" to Ibiza.

"Tested and good", she says to be sure.

Tuesday at 18:01

Eloise grateful for congratulations

Eloise van Oranje turned nineteen on Tuesday.

The countess thanks her followers on Instagram for all the messages and congratulations.

"I don't have time to answer them all, but I know how much fun you all are," she writes.

Tuesday at 14:55

Charles happy with granddaughter

Prince Charles said in public for the first time on Tuesday about the arrival of his granddaughter Lili.

"The development of electric cars is extremely important for future generations," said the prince during a visit to a BMW factory in Oxford.

"Something I am all too aware of now that I have become a grandfather for the fifth time. Such good news only underlines the importance of development in this area."

Tuesday at 14:04

Samantha Steenwijk still loves horse after accident

Samantha Steenwijk posted a photo with him on Instagram a day after she fell from her horse.

"You are and will remain my greatest friend," she captioned the photo.

According to Steenwijk, her horse Voice couldn't help it that she bruised her tailbone, lower vertebrae and ankle on Monday.

The singer says that her horse is doing well and that she can't wait to climb on his back again.

That's because Steenwijk feels "the happiest woman on earth".

Tuesday at 07:27

Chantal Janzen removes batteries from toys

Every toy collection of a child contains one or more play objects that must be powered by a battery.

Usually to provide the toy with a sound that is only nice for the purchase, but after a few days already becomes a major source of irritation in the house.

Chantal Janzen's youngest son has just such a toy, but after his mother has removed the energy supply, peace returns to the house.

Tuesday at 07:27

Tuesday at 04:34

Bridget Maasland on a date with Christian Henry

It has been clear for a month that Bridget Maasland is gently dating Christian Henry, but it seems that the two really like each other.

Maasland posted a joint photo of her and the real estate advisor on her Instagram profile for the first time.

She does make it clear in the caption that they are still in the dating phase. 

Monday 7 June at 19:01

Rens is looking for balance

Rens Kroes has been a bit more absent from social media lately and she will explain why on Monday.

"Even though I don't see work and private life as separate, I notice that as soon as things go well at home, I focus less on the business," explains the cookbook author, who became a mother in October 2020.

A weekend trip to Katwijk aan Zee has done Kroes good.

Monday 7 June at 14:55

Gaby celebrates birthday in Ibiza

Gaby Blaaser celebrates her birthday on Monday in sunny Ibiza.

"Forever 25", jokes the influencer, who has turned 35.

Monday 7 June at 10:37

Victoria Beckham proud of son

Victoria Beckham's

modeling work

shares a photo of her son Romeo, who posed as a model for the Yves Saint Laurent brand's fall and winter collection.

"Wow," writes the mother of four with the photo of eighteen-year-old Romeo.

Monday 7 June at 06:23

Lieke van Lexmond enjoys the roller coaster

While her husband had to do his best at the club championships of the local golf club, Lieke van Lexmond enjoyed an amusement park with her children last Sunday: "What a wonderful day we had, it was one with a thick golden edge! We in the amusement park, while Bas became club champion with golf."

Sunday, June 6 at 09:11

Diederik Gommers happy with The Best Social Award

Diederik Gommers says on Instagram that he is happy with his The Best Social Award.

"When I became chairman of the Dutch Association of Intensive Care (NVIC) in 2016, I never expected to be with a best social media award."

The IC boss has "with great pleasure" provided his followers with as much scientific information as possible about the coronavirus, the disease, the treatments and the vaccines.

Loved the thank yous the most.

"They did me really good. The hospital admissions keep falling and the vaccinations are going like a spear. I really feel that we are going to beat the virus."

Saturday 5 June at 14:44

Jaimie Vaes shares family moment

Jaimie Vaes shares a video of Lil Kleine and her son Lío on Instagram on Saturday.

The family is still in Ibiza.

At the end of May, the artist was taken away by the police due to an incident on the Spanish island.

Jaimie Vaes shares video of Lil Kleine and son

Saturday 5 June at 11:48

Tom Felton enjoys Amsterdam

Harry Potter

actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) is currently in the Netherlands for the film 

De Slag om de Schelde

, which will be screened on Saturday at Pathé Tuschinski.

Felton plays one of the main roles in the film.

"So nice to be back," the actor wrote on Friday with a photo of the Dam. 

The Battle of the Scheldt

was supposed to appear in December, but the cinemas closed a day after the premiere because of the lockdown.

Saturday 5 June at 07:08

Geraldine and her happy Kemper

Presenter Geraldine Kemper likes to go out when the weather is nice.

"Happy Kemper. Happy weekend", she laughs.

Friday, June 4 at 2:57 pm

Samuel L. Jackson immerses himself in Van Gogh

The famous actor has experienced a 'Van Gogh experience' in a museum in Atlanta and is deeply impressed by it.

“Go do this if it comes to your city too!” he calls out to his followers.


Van Gogh - The immersive experience

you are, as it were, inside a painting by the Dutch painter.

Friday, June 4 at 12:20

Barrie commemorates Leen On

Friday, Barrie Stevens dedicates a Facebook message to Leen Jongewaard, his partner who died in 1996 from the consequences of a heart attack.

"There is still not a day that goes by that you are not on my mind," writes the choreographer.

"Dear Leen, life was beautiful, intense and loving for us, but far too short."

Jongewaard was a well-known Dutch actor and singer, who appeared in, among other things, 

Yes sister, no sister


't Schaep met de 5 feet.

Friday, June 4 at 08:37

Eloise is happy

The Countess has passed her driver's license.

"Joy", she shares on Instagram with a number of photos in which she is smiling at the car with which she took her driving test.

Friday, June 4 at 06:42

Special collaboration

Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox already showed a well-known dance together from


earlier this week


but they also seem to be working on music.

In a video posted on Instagram, Sheeran plays guitar and Cox plays piano.

The singer shares the date June 25.

That day he will perform during an online concert on the occasion of the European Football Championship.

Sheeran also plays new music.

The singer and the actress have been good friends for years.

The singer paired Cox with her current fiancé, Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid.

Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox hint at collaboration

Thursday 3 June at 19:40

Erik Zwens cherishes Roxeanne Hazes

Erik Zwens and Roxeanne Hazes take very few pictures together, Zwennes writes.

According to him, their son Fender is especially good at dropping phones in the water.

"So if you have something... cherish it. Just like I cherish you, Roxeanne Hazes."

Thursday 3 June at 17:31

Edsilia is allowed to sing at Fred's party

"From the moment we started with

Fred & Friends

I shouted: Edsilia is part of it", writes Fred van Leer, who will be celebrating his birthday on 17 and 18 September with a major event in Ahoy.

"She can't be missed with her amazing voice. Girlfriend, I can't wait to be on stage with you."

Thursday 3 June at 14:15 om

Jan Smit is a proud father

Singer Jan Smit gives his youngest son a compliment, because he has obtained his table diploma.

"Proud of Senn", said Smit about his seven-year-old son.

Thursday 3 June at 10:40 am

Jaimie Vaes enjoys with son Lío in Ibiza 

Jaimie Vaes shares a photo of son Lío on Instagram.

Her family is still in Ibiza after last week's incident.

On Wednesday, Vaes and Lil Kleine shared a video message in which they denied that physical violence had taken place.

Thursday 3 June at 06:12

Jan enjoyed gender reveal party

Jan Dulles and his girlfriend Caroline are getting a girl, it was announced on Wednesday.

De Volendammer looks back at the gender reveal party that Caroline's friends had organized for them.

"They really had made a fairytale out of it."

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