[Commentary] Looking at the great charm of excellent traditional culture from the artistic works on the screen

  Encountering traditional culture in traditional festivals and integrating traditional culture into holiday leisure life-the birth of wonderful works like "Dragon Boat Festival" is the background of cultural confidence, traditional festivals and the promotion of traditional culture "coincidentally".

This is not only a change in the way of festivals, but also an improvement in the public's cultural life.

  During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday that just passed, the special program "Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour" broadcast by Henan Satellite TV hit the whole network.

The program innovation adopts the form of "web drama + web comprehensive", from the perspective of four Tang Xiaomei, pulls out 4 staggered story lines to tell the prequel story of "Tang Palace Night Banquet".

Among them, the stunning performance of the dance "Pray", which is flying underwater, wonderfully reproduced Cao Zhi's famous "Fu of Luo Shen", which made many audiences who did not like dance directly call "Love", and some netizens exclaimed "I see a god Already?" This is Henan Satellite TV's screen again with the program creativity of traditional Chinese festivals after "Tang Palace Night Banquet", "Wonderful Lantern Festival Night" and "Wonderful Tour of the Ching Ming Festival".

  In recent years, the series of Chinese festivals meticulously created by local satellite TV have initially formed a certain brand effect, and festival variety shows rooted in traditional culture and historical legends have increasingly become a phenomenon-level cultural brand.

While the public shouted wonderfully and clapped their hands, they were also curious and thinking: What is so special about this kind of show?

What is its popular secret?

  Careful selection of historical and cultural IPs that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and easy to display, and with the blessing of modern technology, are displayed in artistic methods and narrative methods that conform to contemporary aesthetic tastes. This is the basic path for the creation of such programs.

On this basis, taking into account the corresponding traditional festival elements, with story-based and scene-oriented program units, it fits the audience's emotional expectations for the festival to the greatest extent. Perhaps it is the key that the program can instantly win the audience's heart.

  In the era of great cultural development and prosperity, it may not be difficult to have unique program creativity and to achieve a superb artistic level. The difficult thing is to have an inextricable aesthetic fit with the audience, and to be able to pass just tens of minutes of audiovisual programs. Stimulate the audience's inner cultural identity and emotional resonance.

In this sense, whether the dance or rap in "The Wonderful Dragon Boat Festival", there is no barrier to appreciation for the audience. The audience does not even need to understand what is a puppet theater, what is a built drum, or a hall drum. In the graceful dance and drumbeat melody, the respective aesthetic experience is decoded.

This not only stems from the powerful appeal of exquisite artistic expressions, but also from the audience's deep love for national history and traditional culture, and from the Chinese cultural genes that penetrate into everyone's bones.

  Incarnate into a flame, awaken and ignite the love of traditional culture in the hearts of ordinary people-"The Wonderful Tour of the Dragon Boat Festival" did it, and the "Avalokitesvara Thousand Hands" did it many years ago in the spring evening, and the "Chinese Poetry Conference" that has swept the country did the same. .

On the Lantern Festival in 2019, the Forbidden City hosted a "Night of the Forbidden City on Yuan Dynasty", inviting the audience to a lantern festival in the palace, letting the Forbidden City once again radiate the profound cultural charm; during the Ching Ming Festival in 2020, there will be many online "Ching Ming Yun Tour" The "Forbidden City" live broadcast, leading the audience to fully experience the beauty of spring, architecture, and ethereal beauty of the Forbidden City...

  From offline events to online live broadcasts, from classic reproduction to artistic reconstruction, taking traditional festivals as time points and opportunities, let traditional and classic historical culture ride the festival train, staged scenes with Chinese excellent traditional cultural elements This kind of cultural feast, this trend and trend is showing its powerful energy and charm-richer forms, more diverse carriers, some of which are amazing and even beyond people's imagination.

  Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival... As an important carrier of Chinese culture, traditional festivals have profound and irreplaceable cultural connotations.

If the country included traditional festivals as statutory holidays many years ago, it is the protection of traditional culture at the institutional and legal level, then, nowadays, a series of cultural activities with modern meaning, created with traditional festivals as an opportunity and with traditional culture as the core. Literary and artistic works are useful explorations of adapting traditional culture to contemporary society and coordinating with modern civilization.

As those in the industry have said, to better tap the rich ore of Chinese traditional culture, it is necessary to find an effective combination and the "greatest common divisor" among many factors.

  Encountering traditional culture in traditional festivals and integrating traditional culture into holiday leisure life-the birth of wonderful works like "Dragon Boat Festival" is the background of cultural confidence, traditional festivals and the promotion of traditional culture "coincidentally".

When the festival activities of the Dragon Boat Festival are not just eating rice dumplings and dragon boat racing, but also experiencing the beauty of Luoshen in an audio-visual feast, "talking" with Qu Yuan, and completing a classically romantic art crossing. This is not only a change in the way of festivals. , It also marks the improvement of the public's taste in cultural life.

  We look forward to more and more similar wonderful cultural activities and literary works, showing the stunning charm of our excellent traditional culture, enriching the public’s artistic aesthetic experience, and further enhancing and consolidating our cultural self-confidence.

  Han Yunchao